First and foremost, I’d like to say thanks to you Mr. Thompson for opening up your server space to this exercise in true Democracy.

Next, I’d like to say that I, like many of you out there, am utterly fed up and sick to my stomach, with that band of flatulent cattle that purport to lead this Republic.

Rather than giving into the strong urge of calling that band of thieves, even more names than I already have, I will try to hold a slightly higher road with the views and news that I express here. Again, thank you Mr. Thompson for this chance.

So, to work.

YES, it IS broken. The question remains of how do we fix it. I find myself steadfast in my (perhaps vainglorious and naive) view that the only way to fix it is to clean house. That being said, there are as always, a couple of exceptions to the rule.

Let me explain.

“We The People” are the instrument of change. All change. Good or bad, (as a people) we did it to ourselves. So, if we’re doing to ourselves anyway, why not try doing it better if not completely right.
I’ve got some ideas.

1. Do not vote for incumbents unless they are doing the job well. So well indeed, that it would be impossible to do a better job.

2. Don’t vote “Party” lines. Ever. Political parties are little more than a group of like minded individuals. Voting along party lines is allowing the mess that we have today to prosper…the arrogant leading the apathetic so to speak.

3. Get up off the couch and actually participate in the process of your own governance.

People, these are the folks that are supposed to represent your local views on all levels, from your local town, up to the Nation itself.

Leaving the that appointment to someone else (by not voting,) as to who it is that makes decisions in your name is sheer folly.

So get out there whenever possible, and do your best to make sure that the ones in power know that you are pleased or displeased with the decisions that they made in your name, and why. Give them feed back on how the job they do affects you. They work for you. You gave them the job. If they’re not going to do a good one, then fire them. The only way to maintain a short leash on Government is through an independently minded voting population. Apathy is HOW we got into this mess.

4. Special interest money in all forms MUST go.
NO EXCEPTIONS Giving money to a politician is like giving an addict their drug of choice. An ugly thing to do by any standard. So why are we giving the lobby groups protected status as the pusher in the equation?

We all expect those that represent us on any level to be doing just that, but money and unfettered incumbency, WILL lead to someone that looks after their own interests before those of the People….which leads me to the next point.

5. Personal responsibility. In a free Republic a citizen’s ultimate responsibility is for their own actions. Why are those that represent us on any level not held to this standard?

If an employee screws up, they get something between a warning, to a dismissal. Our laws require us to repay funds that were fraudulently obtained or used. Damages that were caused by someone else to property is usually going to result in repayment of value by the person committing that act, or causing that damage either through negligence or deliberate action.

Simple enough right?

So why do politicians of every level of Government find themselves getting away with criminal acts?


We would not let most people pick our pockets, pillage the fruits of our labor, or otherwise impose their will over ours, while they deliberately manipulate the law to make themselves richer, all the while ignoring the job they were elected to do?

So what gives?

Which naturally leads me to the next point…

6 The plan to fix it all, won’t in fact fix it all…but I think a good place to start is simple enough. Begin by putting in the people that will change present law to what we as communities, and ultimately as a Nation would be what we want to see.

Set term limits. The Founders were pretty explicit in their views to political service. It was just that, a temporary service rendered unto one’s Country. It was never designed to be a carrier. So why is it for some?

I assure you, they don’t do it out of charity or good will. They do it for money and or power. Time to cut off that gravy train…ASAP

Make absolutely inviolate laws making a politician personally responsible for his/her actions. We have a recall mechanism already in the law, we need to use it to get rid of the fools, charlatans and thieves as soon as they’re discovered.

Again, not too hard…the law is already on the books. For serious enough offenses, make them pay back the squandered, or misused funds personally. Every single dime of it.

Rein in the courts. The courts are there to interpret the laws as they are written. So WHY are we allowing the bench at any level (from the small town to the U.S. Supreme Court) to legislate from the bench…WE the people are the ultimate decision makers here…like I said, time for term limits there too…

Think about it folks, our Great Grandparents would not recognize this country, in as little as 2 generations, we HAVE allowed the tyrants that the Founders feared so much into the seats of power.

The People must remain the ultimate arbiters of what is right for this Country…personally, I think we need to make it right again. It is very much time to “take the bull by the horns” in this Country. We have a new election coming up for the top office of this land…I think it is time to flex a lot of muscle as the true power in the set up don’t you?

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