When I was a boy we discussed politics and religion at home. We all knew that those subjects were taboo in polite society, especially if ladies were present.
Now it seems that our world is being run by wannabes from both realms. Church and state have become the “power” realms.Judaism, Christianity,Islam and perhaps other religions seem to want power over all.
Some journalists are shocked by the lack of reaction to previously unheard of funding of church related events and government crime. “Where is the rage?” they ask.Ho hum is the response- gotta go get another beer and watch the Amazing whatever on my TV.

There is a sense of helplessness within the voters minds. We all have heard values values values until we are sick with disgust. Get rich quick, pork, cheat the government, bribe for bids, one scandal after another all related to self interest- that is what we have gotten from Washington and often from our state too.

The public deep down knows that image is everything today. Decadence ala carte. Disgusting.

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