War in Iran?

    I listened to President Bush’s speech yesterday and I fear it was a declaration of war to attack Iran. I read a comment on another blog that there may have been a promise made to Israel to Nuke Iran. This is madness and all the candidates, Republicans or Democrats should stand up to Bush’s desire for more preemptive attacks on anyone. Bush is apparently obsessed with war and it should be stopped immediately! I will look for a link to this promise made when Bush was in Israel…..

    I wrote this on January 14th, not in December 1969 ?????


    1. It’s sabre-rattling du jour and is pretty much a standard response in such situations.

      Saw it with the Cuban quarantine of 1962, with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, with Qaddafi and his “line of death”, with practically every incident when our enemies – real or perceived – yanked Uncle Sam’s beard.

      Most respectfully,

      T. J. Flapsaddle

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