Pamela Rogers was a school teacher at Centertown Elementary School in McMinnville, TN, when she got busted for nailing a teenage boy. She got out on bail but now she’s back in the slammer for sending the young man nude pictures of herself.

Writes Leon Alligood of The Tennessean:

Pamela Rogers, the former elementary school teacher accused of sending sexually explicit images of herself to a male teen she’d had sex with, has been indicted on additional charges stemming from her communications with the boy, court records show.

Rogers, 28, who pleaded no contest in 2005 to charges that she had a sexual affair with the student, has been indicted on four counts of sexual solicitation of a minor, related to events that prosecutors say occurred while she was on probation for the first offense.

For the allegations that she sent the teen pictures via camera phone, the Warren County grand jury last week returned a "true bill." The ex-physical education teacher was officially served the indictments Monday in the county jail, where she has been incarcerated since April.

The new charges came four days before Rogers’ Friday afternoon hearing before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley. The judge will decide whether she should remain in jail to serve all or a portion of the seven remaining years of her 2005 sentence. The judge also could choose to keep her out of jail.

"We expected it,” defense attorney Peter Strianse said of the new charges.

"I think the DA is piling on. This is the same conduct he’s used to revoke her Community Corrections sentencing,” added Strianse, referring to the arrangement through which Rogers was initially released after serving 198 days in jail.

Under the conditions of her release, Rogers was to have no contact with the teen. According to authorities, however, Rogers violated her probation by sending the teen photos of herself via a mobile phone camera.