Richardson pulls the plug

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson ended his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday after poor finishes in the first two contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

He praised all of his Democratic rivals but endorsed no one. He encouraged voters to “take a long and thoughtful look” at all of them.

Richardson said that although his support at the polls lagged the front-runners, many of his leading rivals had moved closer to his positions on such issues as the war in Iraq and educating young Americans at home.

On a less serious note, he estimated the long campaign had included 200 debates. He quickly amended that 24 but said “it felt like 200.”


  1. LurkingFromTheLeft

    The best candidate for the job

    …oh well, I guess intelligence, ability, and plans to get us out of a war no one wants isn’t what enough people/sheeple in this country realized we needed AND deserved –

    …I still have hopes SOMEONE will recognize this and add him to their ticket –

    …hell, might even be enough for me to vote for HRC –

    …yikes, did I just type that?


  2. Magginkat

    What a shame. Richardson was probably the most qualified candidate on the entire list…both Democratic and Republican.

    But gee… he is chubby and looks MEXICAN. Can’t have that. The pResident must be a good old white boy.

    Which brings to mind a question….Why do we allow the chosen candidate to select the VP candidate? This seems most undemocratic. Ah, but what the hay? We don’t get to choose the president either.

  3. Steve Horn

    “Which brings to mind a question….Why do we allow the chosen candidate to select the VP candidate?”

    When this experiment called America first started the VP was the person who came in second (regardless of party) in the presidential election. I suppose that this made so much sense, forcing an attitude of cooperation and compromise within the executive branch of government, that it was changed so that we could have the partisan carnival atmosphere we enjoy today.



  4. jarrodlombardo

    But maybe if/whichever Dem wins will pick Richardson for Secretary of State, which he would be great at.