Thompson, strapped for cash & votes, will stay in race

Republican Presidential candidate Fred Dalton Thompson, out of cash and lagging in the polls, will stay in the Presidential race through at least the New Hampshire primary even though some campaign aides say he should give up his faltering run for President.

Thompson returned home to McLean Thursday while other Presidential contenders headed direct to New Hampshire from Iowa. Aides say he will work the phone to try and raise much-needed campaign cash and try to also cash in on free media appearances.

As the Iowa caucuses approached Thursday, some Thompson insiders said the former Tennessee Senator and actor was ready to quit if he didn’t finish second or better in the caucus. He came in third, barely beating out a resurgent John McCain.

“He will stay in the race but I’m not sure his heart is in it,” one campaign staffer told Capitol Hill Blue. “The numbers just aren’t there, either in money or poll numbers.”

Although Thompson’s candidacy was hyped by pundits, political operatives and media before he entered the race, his campaign has never caught on with voters and he has languished in the polls and his fundraising has stalled.

“Fred has a low threshold of failure,” says on GOP operative. “If he bombs in Iowa he’s gone.”

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