Only in America would an over-exposed sexpot swearing off sex for a year be considered news but that’s just how the media is playing Paris Hilton’s claim that she will stop putting out for the next 12 months.

As reported on AZCentral.Com:

Paris Hilton is giving up sex for a year.

The hotel heiress has imposed the ban on herself because she is convinced that abstaining from all carnal activity will help her to “rediscover” herself.

She said: “I’m doing it just because I want to. I feel I’m becoming stronger as a person.

“Every time I have a boyfriend, I’m just so romantic, and I’ll put all my energy into the guy, and I don’t really pay attention to myself.”

Paris, who is releasing her first single ‘Stars Are Blind’ this month, recently revealed she doesn’t believe in one night stands – because they are “gross”.

She said: “One-night stands are not for me. I think it’s gross when you just give it up.

“Guys want you more if you don’t just hand it to them on a platter. If they want you, then they will wait.

“You have to make them work for it. I think that’s the only way you know if they really want you or just want to be able to brag that they’ve been with you.”