Fred Thompson will bow out after Iowa

Fred Dalton Thompson, the sometimes politician, sometimes actor and last to enter the Republican race for President, will be the first one to drop out after tonight’s Iowa caucus if he finishes poorly and all indications show that he will come in near the bottom.

Republican insiders tell Capitol Hill Blue Thompson will withdraw before the New Hampshire primary and endorse John McCain.

“He’s finished,” said a longtime GOP consultant working in Iowa. “His campaign was finished before it even began.”

If Thompson withdraws, it means a bitter defeat for celebrity consultant Mary Matalin, the GOP firebrand married to Democratic consultant James Carville. The Thompson race was supposed to be Matalin’s re-entry into the world of Republican power brokers. His withdrawal will send her back to the talk show circuit where she and her husband comprise a two-person political comedy act.

“Mary blew this race big time,” says another GOP consultant. “She’s more interested in being a celebrity than in getting Republicans elected.”

The handwriting began to appear on the wall in December when Matalin canceled several appearances for Thompson in Iowa and the campaign scaled back on ads and activities.

Thompson entered the race as the great white hope for GOP conservatives. The former Senator from Tennessee was considered a high-profile campaigner but he proved to be too little too late and something of a lazy candidate.

“He thought this was Hollywood where he could sit in his trailer and then come on for the big scene,” says one GOP insider. “He didn’t want to work that hard and the result shows.”

Thompson’s old television series, Law & Order, premiered a new season on NBC Wednesday night, without him playing New York District Attorney Arthur Branch. Thompson left the series because he planned to run for President. Now the former actor will soon be a former candidate.


  1. Sandra Price

    He cannot get the Evangelicals behind him because he stated that he is pro-life but would never take to the Congress for an Amendment to the Constitution. All the other Republican Candidates will with the exception of Ron Paul. This election rests on the abortion and gay marriage issues as it is in the GOP Platform.

    What I would like to see is for Ron Paul do well in the early caucuses/primaries and change into running as an Independent. The GOP will never allow Paul to run as a Republican just as the GOP turned against Barry Goldwater. It is time we recognized the real agenda of these people and work against them all.

    I realize that Christians want their sins legislated against and this is why the GOP has turned into the party of the Inquisition. Sadly they went to war against the American citizens when they lied their way into Iraq and possibly Iran. Bush broke all the rules and it is time he paid for them.

  2. KATIE


    GO FRED!

  3. ekaton

    At the time, Goldwater was thought in some circles to be too right-wing. Today he would stand to the left of Hillary Clinton (a bit of hyperbole here, but only a bit). As for the evangelicals, if they take over the government and start forcing theocracy down our throats, secular people may start burning churches, simple as that. Keep religion in the churches, education in the schools, and politics in the secular realm and all will be just fine.

    I promise not to force my agnosticism on them if they promise not to force their “Christian values”, including their Deity-damned war mongering for Israel so that armageddon can occur and all the Jews except for those who convert to Christianity can be sent to hell, on me.

    — Kent Shaw

  4. hockeyweather

    Is this article a joke? Thompson is running 3rd in latest polls. You’re biased and should not be allowed to report on republican candidates. Your views are clear, so stick to talking about your mindless liberal candidates. You make me sick.
    FRED 08!!

  5. ekaton

    There are lots of other websites out there. Why don’t you try ? I think you might like it there. I like it HERE because I can compare my own views and ideas with others who may not see things the same way. This way I sometimes even learn a few things if I keep my mind open. Try it some time.

    — Kent Shaw

  6. dobro2837

    Mary Matalin is a fraud, as are Carville, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Wolf Blitzed and the all rest of the political whores of the beltway circuit. This would include the MSM folks.

    Seems as if I read that this couple, Matalin and Carville, has an annual bash at their place outside D.C. and all the biggies (politicians) show up, including the so called MSM “bobbleheads” and “bobblettes.”

    The relationship of the mediae to the politicians is incestuous and has been for many, many years.

    These folks, all of them, sleep with each other, both physically and metaphorically.

  7. Rick Fuller

    “I kinda wished Martin Sheen would’ve run, ya know? grin…”

    LOL! That would drive Hannity, O’Reilly, and Limbaugh just bonkers, wouldn’t it?

  8. acf

    His campaign? He’s going to bow out? You’ve got to be kidding me. With this guy, there never was a campaign, just an occasional photo op, and an appearance on Leno. When he goes, will anyone notice?

  9. JoyfulC

    I was watching him on TV this morning, and he said something I found appealing. He said (not a direct quote here) that you don’t need to have fire in your belly to be a good president. In other words, the person who wants it the most for him- or herself that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it — cut down other candidates, focus on other people’s weaknesses, run smear/attack campaigns, etc. — won’t necessarily make the best president.

    I think that’s so true. Look at Bush.

    Who knows, maybe the American people will learn to go to the horsetrack if they want to see a race, and to the boxing match if they want to see a fight, but this time around, will reward candidates who are more concerned about the issues than winning the big prize for their own egos.

    … yeah! I’m dreaming!