The Bush Administration “condemned former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to death” by ignoring warnings from that she would “almost certainly be assassinated” if she returned to her native country, intelligence sources tell Capitol Hill Blue.

An assessment prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency said Bhutto would not be safe if she returned to Pakistan but the Bush White House ignored the warning and dispatched Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to London to persuade Bhutto to go home and seek political office.

“If the former Prime Minister were to return to Pakistan, she would almost certainly be assassinated,” said the CIA assessment, prepared by agency operatives on the ground in that country.

“The Bush Administration murdered Benazir Bhutto by convincing her to return to Pakistan,” a former CIA operative said this week. “She was doomed the second the set foot on Pakastani soil. The White House condemned her to death by talking her into returning.”

Capitol Hill Blue has learned that the Rice promised Bhutto that CIA assets would be dispatched to Pakistan to provide protection to the former Prime Minister but the assets were never sent and were not present when suicide attackers carried out the assassination last week.

“They took a chance with the life of a foreign national,” the CIA operative said. “They gambled and they lost. She never stood a chance of surviving.”

Some in the intelligence community believe the Bush Administration welcomed the assassination because it give the U.S. a chance to point another finger of blame at al-Qaeda at a time when interest in Bush’s “war on terrorism” is fading.

“Bush needs a new face of evil,” says a current CIA operative. “Now he has one.”

Maybe not.

Reports AFP:

As with other assassinations in Pakistan’s bloody political history, the world may never know who killed Benazir Bhutto — but there is no shortage of potential culprits to choose from, analysts say.

There could be almost as many motives as well, in a country with a murky nexus of intelligence agencies, dozens of Islamic militant outfits, hundreds of tribal clans and an army whose reach extends to every corner of Pakistani life.

While the government was quick to point a finger at Al-Qaeda, that name is little more than a convenient catch-all for a staggering array of militant groups, and the reality is vastly more complex, analysts say.

The government’s ties with Islamic militants, whether training them to fight in Kashmir or jockey for power in Afghanistan, leave the state apparatus itself with questions to answer, they say.

“It is common knowledge that some of the intelligence agencies have maintained links with militant and sectarian groups, dating back to the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan,” said political analyst Hasan Askari.

“Even after Pakistan joined the global war on terrorism, there was always doubt whether these agencies fully severed their connections to militant elements,” said Askari, former head of political science at Punjab University.

The leaders of Pakistan’s three intelligence agencies are all current or retired members of the military, which has run the country for more than half its existence — and has its own chequered history with the Bhutto family.


  1. I repeat, there is no credible evidence that the administration brought down the WTC. Anyone who clings to that conspiracy theory loses their credibility. There are enough high crimes and misdeamenors to impeach Bush/Cheney without advocating that far out conspiracy. Doing so only makes the proponent look silly and not to be taken seriously. Noone in Congress would introduce articles of impeachment based on the WTC conspiracy, nor should they.

  2. Thank you, Pablo and Seal, for lending a little more tug on the string with regard to 9/11. There is a mountain of suspicion that points in the direction of Bush/Cheney and their pals. Do we just pick ourselves up, shake off the pulverized cement, and move on like good Christian sheeple? Is that not our lot? If Operation North Woods (Google it) could get a green light from the Joint Chiefs of Staff prior to JFK’s murder, why doesn’t it seem plausible the neocons of our day could be even more malicious and nefarious? The subject of Building No. 7’s collapse, which you mention, Seal, wasn’t even listed in the whitewash of the Commission’s volumeness tome. It’s as if that building did not exist. Yes, Pablo, the “big lie” has swept us off our feet and we are prone before the powers that told it. And their boundless power may be measured by the immensity of the silence it has energized.

  3. Mary: there were numerous articles wherein the interviewers pointed out to Bhutto there would certainly be attempts on her life if she returned. In every case she responded there was no waY in hell she would not go home.

    It was obvious that anything Rice said to her would have no effect on her decision.

  4. Ther is one indisputable fact that cannot be ignored about 9/11. Those three buildings came down under controlled demolition. One of them wasn’t even struck by an airplane. I won’t even comment on the little bitty hole a great big comercial airliner made in the Pentegon and then disappeared.

  5. Pablo, I will grant that their stupidity and delusional thinking have gotten alot of people killed, but I do not believe they are so malicious as to intentionally kill thousands of Americans. There is no substantial evidence that indicates otherwise. I do think they should be held accountable for lying us into this unnecessary war, but making accusations about their involvement in 9/11 only undermines that.

  6. If bush/cheney would lie to us to lead us into an imperialistic oil war , killing nearly 4,000 U.S. soldiers (and at least tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens), why wouldn’t they look the other way while “terrorists” bomb our buildings and kill a few thousand U.S. citizens?!? It’s the same thing!

    History is full of greedy, treasonous people willing to murder their own populace to meet their own ends…Why not here and now? Or is that just too much to accept as a possibility? As the old saying goes, “Tell the people a small lie and they get suspicious, but tell them a big lie and they fall at your feet.” Well folks, I believe 911 is the latter; there’s a reason there is so many holes in the official story. I have absolutely no doubt that, minimally, they just looked the other way; 911 was EXACTLY what they needed and prayed for. Look how they immediately used the fear of the citizenry to do what they damned well wanted all along. I suggest reading about the 1997 “Project for a New American Century” think tank (, founded by upstanding, moral individuals such as dick cheney, richard perle and donald rumsfeld…Their original desires were for world control, basically achieved by eternal war and strife, but they just needed something like Pearl Harbor to get the ball rolling. And what did they get shortly after they drew up their plans? I also suggest googling “Able Danger”, which was a secret CIA operation, which informed bush and co. about secret plans of terrorists to hijack airliners and do something very similar to what happened on 911, the bush administration totally ignored their dire warnings, and later the 911 commission as well. It is all extremely fishy. These people are much more sinister than most can even imagine.

    But all this should come as no surprise…history has been repeating itself for all of history!

  7. No Mary, a sacrificial goat has no choice in the matter. She went back there under her own will and was martyred. She apparently thought it was worth the risk, and that is and was her choice.

  8. Submitted by Doug Thompson on January 2, 2008 – 3:49am.

    I wrote the headline and I stand by it.

    That’s one of the reasons I like and respect you so damn much. However, I stand by my opinion of it, also, and appreciate being allowed to express it.

  9. Oh, I see Adam, she was a sacrificial goat, like all the US servicemen and Iraqis who are dead or dismembered because of this administration’s stupidity. Bush and Condi still have this dream of Mideast “democracy” and they are careless as to who has to be sacrificed to fulfill their wishful thinking. Apparently, Adam is of the same opinion. I think Bhutto could have been of more help to her people alive as could the dead US servicemen and dead Iraqis.

    What irony, promoting democracy abroad, while diminishing it at home.

  10. 1. What do you think Bush had to gain by Bhutto’s return to Pakistan?
    2. Do you seriously think Bhutto herself did not know the magnitude of risk?

    They both percieved that the gain was worth the risk. She gave her life for freedom for her people. A more noble accounting there cannot be.

  11. Mary

    To Seal, Ms. Rice could have been persuasive in keeping Bhutto from going to Pakistan. Why all of a sudden did Bhutto and the other party leader suddenly decide to return to volatile Pakistan???It didn’t take a genuis to know that Bhutto’s presence was going to be further destabalizing. Many members of her family had already been assassianted for political reasons. Assassinations seem to be the way they change governments there. If they encouraged her to return to Pakistan the Bush administration is certainly complicit in her death. I am still saying if, because I have a hard time believing that even they were that stupid.

  12. This is just another example (as if we need more) of clueless, faith based, incompetence by Bush and his sidekick Ms. Rice that has gotten thousands killed and inflammed the Mideast. What does it take for their incompetence to be declared criminal??
    What benefit was it for Mrs. Bhutto to return to Pakistan?? Did the benefits outweigh the very obvious risks?? What were they thinking (an oxymoron) in the WH and at State??

    Your informants refelect dissonance in the intelligence arena with Bush policies that does not get told in the MSM. Many analysts disagreed with the Bush/Cheney WMD hype leading up to the war. We have not had the Congressional investigations as to how the intelligence was misused. Of interest should be the Nigerian fake dossier about Saddam’s seeking yellowcake from Niger. Where did that very obvious fake document come from?? Some have suggested it was a black bag job from Cheney’s office. I wouldn’t be shocked by more bungling, deceit from the neocons.

    As suspicious as I am of this administration, I do think it is ridiculous even to suggest that they had anything to do with 9/11, other than more incompetence. Ms. Rice was totally unqualified to be the National Security Adviser.

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