The last day of 2007: End of the year.

Looking ahead to 2008: What will the New Year bring?

Or better yet: What will it not bring?

Our destiny of late seems determined more by what doesn’t happen. With that cheery thought in mind, here’s our predictions on what probably will or won’t happen in 2008:

President George W. Bush’s Presidency will not end in 2008. It will end on January 20, 2009, unless he finds a way to complete his seizure of absolute, dictatorial power over what used to be a Democratic Republic called The United States of America.

It justice were possible in our society, Bush would end 2008 doing hard time at Leavenworth but that ain’t gonna happen.

America’s illegal and immoral war in Iraq will not end in 2008: Probably not in 2009 either. Bush’s tarnished legacy will be a long-term presence in a country torn apart by a civil war we started.

The economy will crash into a full-blown recession in 2008. Housing prices are predicted to bottom out after dropping by 40 percent. That’s right: 40 percent. Your $200,000 house will be worth only $120,000 by the end of next year. Hopefully, you won’t owe more than that on the house but odds are that millions of Americans will find themselves owing more than their homes are worth.

Hillary Clinton will not be the next President of the United States. In the end, her negatives will take over and her campaign will fizzle.

Barack Obama will not be the next President either. Americans may talk equality but – in the end – this is still a racist nation and racists don’t elect blacks to the highest office in the land.

A major American retailer will close its doors in 2008: Don’t be surprised if it is more than one.

At least one well-known American auto nameplate will disappear in 2008. Plymouth and Oldsmobile are already gone. Who’s next?

The Bush Administration will predict a pending terrorist attack must before the November 2008 elections. Anything to help Republicans at the ballot box.

Professional baseball will continue its well-deserved slide towards oblivion.

Capitol Hill Blue will celebrate its 14th year on the Internet on October 1.

And, finally, despite the wishes of so many, I will not:

  • Take a long walk off a short plank;
  • Retire;
  • Quit;
  • End up in a cell in Gitmo;
  • Wind up in a loony bin;
  • Or start drinking again.

Happy New Year.


  1. Oh, brother! Are you for real? Or are you one of these notorious Republican political operatives we’ve been reading so much about lately??

    Don’t use the term “sexual predator” so loosely — it’s an insult! Unless you’re referring to someone who preys upon children or someone who violently attacks women, you’re WAY out of line.

    I guess you’d rather we have the likes of George W Bush and his illegal war and his support of his corporate cronies. Well… that’s you. Some of us, though, are content to turn a blind eye to what happens between consenting adults in private and focus on the issues that truly affect this country. Way worse things have happened under the Bush administration — things that actually affect all of us. Let’s not lose perspective.

  2. Doug – You’re going to be proven right when it comes to St. Hillary. And, when all is said & done, it may be your investigative journalism that does her in. Voters can stomach the pardon of the loathsome Marc Rich, and Bill Clinton’s many sexual escapades. But what we can’t forgive is a sexual predator. Or, a person that would remain with such a vile indivual to satisfy her own political ambitions. My guess is that top Republican stategists are also aware of these allegations, and they are waiting for the right time to drop this house on Hillary. These allegations will make Willie Horton and “Swiftboating” look like a high school debate.

  3. I have been a fiscal conservative for over 50 years and nothing scares me more than those Social Conservatives running. They will increase the size of government and, like Hitler, we will be left with very few freedoms. I do not want a theocracy.

    Someone above mentioned Edwards and Obama and that combination sounds very good to me. America will lean into Socialism but that is far more desireable than those holy rollers who want our souls. We survived LBJ and his welfare programs and maybe by the time the Conservatives are sent running, we might find a happy medium. Bloomberg may run as a Moderate as many Republicans are horrified of the religious right.

    We all must send them home before they start another war. Iowa is a bad choice to start the bidding as they are organized under the Evangelicals and will think nothing of destroying even more of our Constitution. They are desperate for Armageddon and I will not hand America to them for this effort.

  4. Another “9/11”: A prediction/threat from the Neocons if the Republicans are in the lead early next autumn; a reality if the Democrats have the lead. (Yeah, I know, Doug.)

  5. Thanks Doug Thompson for hosting CHB and allowing common folks a forum to express their ideas as to what’s chaffing their collective hides in these highly tumultuous and dangerous times.

    “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” …Thomas Jefferson

    Here’s wishing Doug Thompson our host and to all my fellow posters on CHB and ReaderRant a Happy and Successful New Year 2008…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. e raderman

    boo hhoo,

    i am heart sick,at the thought of your very dire predictions,for the next year. hope you miss on a few. but alas, i’m a realist.

  7. NOTA

    NONE OF THE ABOVE. I really think none of these ‘hopefuls’ is worth the magic beans Jack traded the family cow for (remember “Jack and the Beanstalk”?).

    I say this because if you spend more time slinging 55-gallon drums of mud and monkey feces at your opponents in an effort to make yourself look more desireable (and less evil), instead of just playing up YOUR positive attributes (Remember Campaign ’04?), then you have no business running for anything except Homecoming Queen. Let’s hope Barack has his tiara picked out.

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