Another dumb mistake by Hillary

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton may have shot herself in the foot trying to get Iowa voters to pledge support to her — she is encouraging them to caucus on January 14, 11 days too late.

At a rally featuring her husband, former President Bill Clinton on Saturday, campaign workers asked supporters to sign and mail cards that said “Yes! I’m an Iowan for Hillary” with their contact information as well as other supportive friends.

One small problem. In the upper right-hand corner of the card, it says “I, _____, pledge to support Hillary Clinton at my precinct caucus on January 14, 2008.”

Unfortunately, that’s 11 days too late. The Iowa caucuses are January 3 and organization is key to getting voters to go to the events and support their preferred candidate.

The, an Internet site that specializes in politics and first reported the mistake, said at Bill Clinton’s second event on Saturday the cards had the wrong date crossed out and replaced with the correct date.


  1. Carl Nemo

    “Shiver me timbers” is all I can say when I look at the Reuters photo supplied with the article. Four to eight years of Hillary, Bill;ie., First Husband, former failed President, along with Chelsea in the wings is too much for my consciousness to handle…! I need a shot of Jack to purge the taste of bile from my mouth.

    All I want from the Clintons is for them to disappear from politics and to become simply a footnote in history!

    If Iowa Dems go for “Billary” or even “Huckleberry” Huckabee the rethuglican then it will confirm to me that people always end up getting the government they so surely and sorely “deserve”…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. ekaton

    I pray the sleeping giant has awakened and votes 80% for Kucinich in Iowa. The MSM will nevertheless call it a fluke and continue to refuse coverage. Then he takes New Hampshire by a similar landslide. Perhaps the MSM will then carry stories with these two victories as an inconsequential anomaly.



    — Kent Shaw

  3. pondering_it_all

    So, a mistake on a card that was prepared by some volunteer or low-level staffer is “Hillary’s Mistake”. She’s supposed to personally check the spelling and grammer on every piece of paper they produce? (Actually, I would not be surprised if the printer introduced the bad date just to pull a dirty trick. It has happened MANY times before in political campaigns.)

    I bet she never saw them before they started handing them out at one of her events. Then she got them fixed before the next event. Sounds like good problem handling to me!

    You won’t ever find a candidate who is perfect, since they all have to be human beings. The best you can hope for is somebody who can recognize errors and do their best to fix them.

  4. Steve Horn

    I agree that no one is perfect, may I offer myself as a glowing example of imperfection? That said, when you’re asking people to support you and your cause it’s vital to check the small things – like the date. Sure it was probably some low level staffer who screwed the pooch, but the ultimate responsibility is with the person at the head of the organization.

    This demonstrates, at least to me, that as a leader Hillary isn’t concerned with the small details, and that inattention to details can prove to be a fatal flaw for any manager or executive to have.

    After all, the inattention to or ignornace of details is one of the contributors to our invasion of Iraq ….



  5. old_curmudgeon

    I don’t know Steve, the conjurors of the Iraqi fiasco were mostly extreme ideologues (is that redundant?) but I believe that they are all very smart people – and that said, I don’t think they left many of the small details to fate. I just think that the story line we’ve been sold about “why” is a red herring. I think things have turned out exactly as they planned – mostly. They’ve created a completely unstable environment, within Iraq as well as the entire middle east region, which “requires” the US and the mostly willing to remain as “peace-keepers” – say for the next 50 years (or until their oil no longer is a strategic prerogative…)

  6. adamrussell

    I strongly doubt that the error will cause more than 1% of her supporters to miss the date. Much ado about nothing

  7. SEAL

    When a mistake is made I always look for logical reasons as to how it could have happened. Something ike this, the wrong date, is usually 13 instead of 3 or maybe 30. Perhaps the same day of the week but that would have been 10, 17, 24, 31. 3 often will resemble an 8.

    If the mistake was made by the submitter, what would be the signifigance of 14 to him/her? It’s hard to believe the printer could transpose 3 to 14. He would have to be half blind and that is one extra piece of type to enter. Unless, of course, it was deliberate.

    One thing is sure, Hillary is not to blame but she will take the heat for it. It’s her campaign. And her opponents will make much ado “this is just one more thing” and there are too many for it to be ignored. More incompetency from her staff. As president, will her “staff” perform the same? Can’t she control her people? Therefore, it is going to damage her.

    If I were the one investigating, I would be looking for sabotage and trying to figure out what 14 means to somebody. People don’t just pick numbers out of the air.

  8. Steve Horn

    I’ve got it – they were playing around with number theory – after all the first five prime numbers are
    2,3,5,7 and 11 … Iowa is the FIRST caucus and it’s being held on the THIRD – well – the first prime is 2, so they went to the second prime and got three – then it’s to be held on the third, and the third prime number is five, so they added the second prime (3) and the fifth prime (11) and got 14.

    I need a vacation ….


  9. DejaVuAllOver

    Steve and Carl Nemo,

    I’ll buy you guys a drink for the holidays. We could all use one. Let’s toast to better times when morons like these are doing something they’re qualified for; like making beds or scrubbing dishes. In Iraq, for our troops.

  10. Carl Nemo

    Thanks DejaVuAllOver for the offer. You’re right in that we could all use a stiff drink! The past seven years have been tough for our once great Republic and January 20, 2009 seems like the 12th of never at this point in time. Who knows what Buscho might pull off to stay in office for life just like Musharaf of Pakistan…?!

    Here’s wishing you, Doug Thompson our host and the members of CHB a Happy and Successful New Year…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Steve Horn

    Yeah – thanks for the offer – I think what this nation really needs is, as sung by Arlo Guthrie the “four by five foot multi-colored rainbow roach (and friends, that was only the roach, can you imagine the joint!)”
    Personally, I think that field latrine duty would suit ’em better (if you’re not familiar with the process, you remove the 55 gallon container of shit and piss from under the latrine, top off with fuel (a gas/diesel mix, as I recall), ignite – when it’s all burned off (with a lovely, lasting, lingering scent) you put the can back under the latrine).

  12. ekaton

    Hey, can I invite myself along? We could meet up some time when and where Steve is performing. Maybe we could even get SEAL to show up!

    — Kent Shaw

  13. LurkingFromTheLeft

    And we all know

    …how the past years have increased my consumption –

    …too sadly, that will increase if HRC makes it –

    …even more sadly, I’ve expressed my fears that Chimp in Charge won’t give up his throne come Jan ’09 –

    …he’s probably already picked out a spiffy new pair of jammies to be his uniform – he asked Mushie what kind of Dr Denton’s he wears –

    …no wonder I drink –


  14. ekaton

    “Who knows what Buscho might pull off to stay in office for life”

    MIGHT? More like WILL is what I fear.

    — Kent Shaw

  15. ekaton

    Meet Steve and Carl and SEAL and me for a couple cold ones next time Steve plays somewhere “centrally” between all of us.

    — Kent Shaw

  16. SEAL

    I would love to be there, Kent, but it would have to be pretty damn close to me. I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. It would have to be no more than a two day drive because I can’t fly. But we have this hot shit souped up suburban with a 42 gallon gas tank and a 19 year old NASCAR wannabe that can cover a lot of distance in a hurry.

    Georgia, Tennesee, North/South Carolina, some place like that should be no problem. I just need a weeks notice. Also, I bring my own bottles, so just order water for me.

  17. ekaton

    Steve is here in PA not far from me. Dang!! For some reason I thought you were somewhere within a couple hundred miles or so from here.

    — Kent Shaw