Katie Couric: Turn off the TV, the party's over

Perky Katie Couric‘s failed five-year experiment as a national network news anchor is coming to a long-predicted end and she chose a celebrity-oriented gossip mag to formally announce her departure from the CBS Evening News.

“I have decided to step down from the CBS Evening News,” Couric said in an interview with People magazine. ”  Her announcement wasn’t a surprise.

CBS is expected to announce next week that Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes will replace Couric in the anchor chair.

So what’s next for the Katie?  She’s not saying for sure. Some feel she will launch a syndicated talk show next year. Others think she will land at ABC News.

“I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling,” Couric told People.

Couric moved from the top rated “Today” show on NBC to the CBS anchor chair five years ago in a move that the network hoped would boost its news show from third place in the ratings.

It didn’t work. Although the network fiddled with the format over the years, the CBS Evening News remained mired in the cellar, finishing last behind the NBC Nightly News and ABC.

And it wasn’t her gender that failed. Diane Sawyer took over the anchor chair at ABC and the show still beat Couric in the ratings.

At CBS, the network seemed relieved to say goodbye to its expensive, $15 million a year, anchor.

“CBS News, like Katie herself, is looking forward to the next chapter,” Mark Knoller reported on the network newscast.

Bye bye Katie.

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  1. During the five years that Katie Couric was in her CBS job, her news show somehow overlooked the biggest financial collapse since 1929. It was a big, big story, and all the mainstream media blew it. They were too busy covering fluff. No wonder many people have no confidence in the mainstream media!!

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