The Iraq war is no longer newsworthy

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found recently that news media coverage of the war in Iraq is dropping and, as a result, American support for the conflict is rising.

In other words, less news is good news for George W. Bush and his failed war. Wall-to-wall coverage of the upcoming Presidential primaries along with the latest antics of a pantyless Britney Spears and any other bimbo du jour is more important than an illegal and immoral war where the American death toll is fast closing in on 4,000.

As Don Henley of Eagles fame sang in his stinging indictment of the news business, Dirty Laundry:

Well, I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here
I just have to look good, I don’t have to be clear
Come and whisper in my ear
Give us dirty laundry

We can do the innuendo
We can dance and sing
When its said and done we haven’t told you a thing
We all know that crap is king
Give us dirty laundry!

From the beginning, the mainstream news media has aided and abetted Bush’s con job on Iraq. Before the invasion, they accepted – without question or investigation – his lies about weapons of mass destruction, mobile chemical weapons factories and non-existent ties between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

In recent weeks, news anchors under heavy security have traveled around carefully-prepared routes in Baghdad so they could file propaganda reports about increased safety in that civil war-torn country. Reality shows have more truth than television news reports from Iraq.

As a longtime member of the so-called “profession” of journalism, I am embarrassed and ashamed of the willingness of the media to accept shameless promotion from an administration known for lying to the media, Congress, the American public and the world.

The media helped sell Bush’s war before it started and now it is helping sell the illusion that things are improving in a country ravaged by a war we started and one that will probably never end.

Perhaps some find photos of a fading pop singer’s shaved vagina news worthy. Perhaps others would rather read about the latest manufactured pap from a pre-packaged political candidate than know about the latest news about Americans’ dead and dying in a war that we never should have launched against a country that posed no threat to us or the world.

If so, then we are, indeed, a nation hurtling headlong down the slope towards self-destruction.

Sorry. Gotta go. There’s another police chase on MSNBC.


  1. SEAL

    WOW! I don’t know what to say. I’m no good at the personal stuff. Thanks is all I can think of. You guys gave this old warrior a strange feeling.

  2. Cobaltkid


    I am a fairly regular reader who occasionally posts but, needless to say, I had no idea of the gallant battle you are fighting against cancer.

    As others have stated, your comments are always well thought out, well written and very much on target.

    Good luck and please KEEP POSTING!

  3. old_curmudgeon

    What’s really sad is that the MSM is now immune to the finger pointing of truth. The MSM don’t care that we know how they’ve facilitated this atrocity. And with the FCC pushing to allow more consolidation of news media it is going to get worse. Very soon there will be only one “voice” to be heard and when that happens I would not be surprised to see an concerted attempt to throttle the “independents” on the internet. In order to control the message the internet will have to be controlled. Don’t kniow how they’ll do it. I just won’t be surprised. But, that’s jut this old curmudgeon’s opinion.

  4. SEAL

    The MIC led administration has reached it’s goal. Permanent occupation of the oil rich and most centralized Middle eastern country from which to dominate and/or threaten the entire region. The perfect base to eventually rule the oil world. And, of course, enjoy the steady profits such an occupation produces for them. All they had to do was out last the war’s opponents until the Iraqis settled all the old scores and just plain got tired of killing each other. They have known all along that the different factions in Iraq would never comporomise to reach a central government trusted by all. That necessitates our “peace keeping” pressence indefinately. They, also, knew that when the stories of american deaths became rare, the people would simply accept our pressence there as natural and necessary just as they have in other parts of the world.

    So, it’s over. The democrats made a bad decision. The war issue is not going to drive voters to the booths to throw all the republicans out of office. However, they have all the exposures to produce plenty of bad publicity and if they are smart they can use the obstructionist tactics of the incumbant repubs to accomplish their goal of a total takeover of the two branches of government. All the experts are predicting this will happen unless the dems shoot themselves in the head before November.

    Now,I’m going to use this space to reply to Carl Nemo because I have been unable to respond to him where it was appropriate. Carl, you are an amazing person. A walkling encyclopedia it seems. All of your information and suggestions regarding my battle with cancer have been much appreciated. However, you are not aware of where I am at in my battle or treatments, therefore, many of your suggestions would be too late and do more harm than good.

    I have multiple myeloma for which there is no cure. That is cancer cells that grow in and destroy the bone marrow. Radiation and many chemicals will kill the myeloma but they also destroy the good cells right along with it. That depletes my natural immune system. The doctors tell me I have beat myeloma longer than anyone else has, so far, but that also means that my natural immune system has been almost wiped out. It is necessary to keep me on several antibiotics to prevent my acquiring many afflictions such as the recent bout I had with pnuemonia. I’m still fighting a bronchial infection from that. The point of this is that “flushing” my system is a bad idea because I need the antibiotics in my system at all times. Also, they have me on a every 6 hour inhaling treatment that aids my immune system. The point is that I am way past any “natural” remedies.

    The doctors are amazed that I’m still able to stand and walk. There are multiple fractures and compressions in my spine. I am two inches shorter. I should be paralized from the chest down. But I’m kind of stubborn and I suspect my muscle structure, which has been exceptionally conditioned all my life, is what is holding me together. But the reality is that I am nearing the last phase of my oddessy. I have no regrets. I will be 69 in March and that is better than most people. I lived an interesting and exciting and rewarding life while others stayed home and ran on the treadmill. I will leave a wonderful family to be proud of. What more could anyone ask?

    Please understand how flattering it is to me that you take such an interest in my battle. We have never met and that dissappoints me greatly. I am continually impressed by your wealth of knowledge and abillity to express yourself. I’m envious.

    I appologize to the list for this personal message but I had no other way of communicating what needed to be said.

  5. Carl Nemo

    Hi SEAL…

    Thanks for the feedback and the compliments concerning my knowledge base. To me shared knowledge is the best kind.

    Your insight and commentary to this site has been both edifying and spot-on…!

    I thought I’d supply a link explaining what myeloma is to our readers. I’ve also included link concerning a cutting edge treatment for arresting the production of cancerous cells in the body regardless of type.
    The article explains the procedure and the use of [tetrathiomolybdate] which is a copper uptake inhibitor. One thing that was discovered that for the formation of every cancer cell a new capillaries were formed to feed that cell. It was also discovered that the presence of copper a micro-nutrient in the human body was necessary for this to occur. So by suppressing copper uptake the cancer cell production was limited or curtailed.

    The following is an extract from the the MMRF link describing multiple myeloma.

    “Myeloma cells also produce growth factors that promote angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels. These new blood vessels provide the oxygen and nutrients that promote tumor growth. A growth factor called vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) plays a key role in angiogenesis. Angiogenesis encourages reproduction of myeloma cells, which increase in number and begin to infiltrate the bone marrow, eventually comprising more than 10% of the cells present.”… extract from MMRF

    Since these new blood vessels (capillaries) play a key role in MM too, it is my thought that copper suppression would have the same effect as in standard cancer treatment as described in the second link. Just an idea on my part and you may care to share the links with one of your doctors, preferably one that is open for new knowledge and enlightenment rather than a steady goes the course mentality.

    I try to keep up with developments in medicine and one of the cutting edge concepts of cancer treatment is to starve the cancer cells of their very ability to survive while not damaging surrounding healthy cells; that being the purpose of my naturopathic graviola recommendation a few months back.

    I’ll refrain from further suggestions, but you might share the link information with your doctor/s and see if they are of aware of this copper uptake inhibiting treatment;ie., the administration of tetrathiomolybdate.

    Hang in there good buddy, “we the people” need you…!

    Your friend,
    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. My apologies for going off-topic concerning this link article,but since it’s for SEAL I thought folks wouldn’t mind. Thanks.

  6. ekaton

    You are a good man, SEAL. Your postings provide a lot of much appreciated insight. Hang in there, sir.

    — Kent Shaw

  7. Sandra Price

    Your comments are always welcome on all subjects. I appreciate your statements and wish many pain-free years.

    You are brave beyond even mentioning it. You have my best wishes…..

  8. Caine

    I second Sandy’s thoughts exactly!

    No apologies necessary!

    SEAL, your words also speak wisdom, so do not sell yourself short.

  9. Elmo

    If only General Eisenhower had taken the habit of speaking in acronyms to the White House. Then he would have warned us about the MIC instead of the Military Industrial Complex.

  10. lexiedogmom

    Lexie Homewood
    Seal, yours are always among my favorite posts. You are articulate and, in my book accurate beyond description. I know this list is not for personal comments, but you must know that the “regulars” on CHB are sort of a little club. I wish you all the good luck in the world in fighting this horrible disease.


  11. bryan mcclellan

    In a world of MSM manufactured apathy and lies,nothing they say or misconstrue will ease my angst as long as our soldiers are in harms way and as Doug says, Congress is in session. CHB has become a sanctuary of reason for me in the battle to look behind the curtain wherein the truth lies.The commentary and links provided by all here demonstrate our resolve to fight the good fight to the bitter end ,thereby upholding the duty we all share to defend this country from all enemies.True Point men are rare,so I would like to say,Seal you will always be one of those who could walk point in this battle in any era.I’m praying for you.PMFOT’s

  12. ekaton

    “ashamed of the willingness of the media to accept shameless promotion from an administration known for lying”

    Its beyond willing; they are complicit.

    — Kent Shaw