Former President Bill Clinton is a master of the art of political hypocrisy. When it comes to twisting reality, few can top the Don Juan of the Oval Office, the creator of unique uses for cigars.

Clinton, whom many consider the smartest politician to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the past few decades, has been stepping on his well-known Johnson in recent days and one has to wonder if his goal is helping his wife get into the White House as the first woman President or to keep her out of it.

Over the weekend, Clinton told talk show host Charlie Rose that voting for Barack Obama for President is “a roll of the dice,” saying a single term in the Senate is not enough experience for the Presidency.

This from a man whose political resume consisted of two terms as governor of one of the most backwoods states in the South along with a stint as Attorney General. Clinton’s only foreign affairs experience at the time came from a sexual assault while studying at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

In some quarters this is considered the pot calling the kettle black.

But Clinton didn’t just stop at political hypocrisy. He threw in some revisionist history, saying this about the 1988 Presidential campaign:

Even when I was a governor and young and thought I was the best politician in the Democratic Party, I didn’t run the first time. I could have. And I had lots of Democratic governors encouraging me to. I knew in my bones I shouldn’t run – that I was a good enough politician to win, but I didn’t think I was ready to be president.

Horseshit. The leadership of the Democrat Party told Clinton in 1988 that he was too toxic because of his womanizing. The party was afraid a “bimbo eruption” would destroy their chances at capturing the White House. Instead, Democrats went with Mike Dukakis, who lost to George H.W. Bush. When the quest for President began the next time around, Bush was considered too popular to beat because of the Gulf War and Clinton seized the opportunity with no one of substance stepped forward. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now Bill Clinton, once considered his wife’s greatest campaign asset, is fast becoming her primary liability as her quest for the Presidency falters.

In another recent gaffe, Bill said he “never supported the Iraq war,” a direct contradiction of earlier statements and a clear slap in the face of his candidate wife who faces questions about her vote to authorize Bush to proceed with the invasion of that country.

This kind of political double speak is one of the reasons we should fear a Hillary Clinton Presidency. It puts both of them back in the White House and, while George W. Bush’s record makes some of Clinton’s crimes seem petty in comparison, is doesn’t hide the fact that both are serial liars who brought disgrace to the office that one has held and the other now seeks.

It is laughable that a former President who was nothing but a skirt-chasing governor from a backwater state when he won election as President would now question the qualifications of another.

Clinton didn’t just prove the old adage that anyone can grow up to the President. He proved that in a flawed political system even trailer trash can move into the most famous address in the land.

Sorry: Didn’t mean to insult trailer trash.

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