I am reminded by that scene in Apocalypse Now, when Colonel Kilgore said, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”, Smells like…victory.”

Well, there is this peculiar odor wafting from Camp Hillary, and it ain’t napalm, and it ain’t pretty. Some would call it desperation, others would call it fear.

The fearsome team of Camp Hillary was supposed to have everything all wrapped up by this time. The actual votes would simply be her coronation. For months, Clintonites were Hillariously promoting the idea of her inevitability, and they repeatedly pointed to her lead in Iowa. They pointed to her huge bank account. They pointed to her name recognition. They pointed to her husband.

Funny. They never pointed to Hillary herself. In fact, the campaign took great pains to keep the attention away from her, and to push it onto the Campaign and all of their inevitability arguments. Several of her staffers were privately telling the MSM that it would be all over by Iowa. Her handlers went so far as to keep her from making any decisions, from taking any serious questions, and at all costs, to keep her from taking a stance on a tough issue.

They are reaping the product of their earlier campaign. I repeat, it ain’t pretty.

Not only are her numbers down, her trend-lines are a cluster***king disaster. Over the last month, Camp Hillary went into overdrive, trying to prevent what will be the ugliest collapse of an annointed queen in the history of American politics.

They began attacking Obama, spreading rumors, pushing their media darlings to push forward bad press. Unfortunately, Hillary’s team is not of the same caliber as Bill’s team 15 yrs ago. (It is telling that the top talent from his campaign jumped ship and refuse to work for her, opting for Obama or Edwards, or simply decided to sit this one out). Camp Hillary left too many fingerprints from their actions, and each attack came around and bit them where they sit.

It got so bad, that they had to fire people in Iowa, then push Shaheen to resign in New Hampshire. Firing a top ranking staffer on the eve of an election? How do you spin that as a positive move? Shaheen was a sacrificial goat, and there will be more to come very soon.

Even minor staff changes did not help one bit. They had to pull Bill out of whatever relationship he was working on, and pushed him out into the public eye. The ever compliant Charlie Rose, oh so polite, oh so obedient, served up the lines, and Bill went to work. He tried to rewrite recent history (we never expected to win Iowa), she is the candidate of change (He may have referred to the change of address slips she sent to K-Street lobbyists) and that she is the only one with experience.

His performance was as flat as a souffle chef who compared her failure with her A-Cup bra. Ooops. Time to change strategy yet again.

Plan C, Rev. 2.01.2(c) went into action this morning. Hillary made the rounds of every cable news show, and as many of the broadcast news shows she could handle. That early in the morning, her audience might not have noticed her absolute refusal to answer any question directly. They may have ignored her robot-like smile. they may have even ignored her artificial energy level, as though her entire campaign rode on her ability to follow her instructions for each appearance.

There was one thing they could not ignore. Her cackle. In every appearance, she managed to fit in That Hideous Sound (with all apologies to Mr. Lewis), except each and every time she did it, it was completely inappropriate and ill-timed. And offensive. Irritating. And very, very strange.

Her campaign just had her Howard Dean moment, although her handlers and programers may not realize it yet. From this day forward, Hillary will be known by that cackle.

Let’s all do the Hillary Cackle!

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