Lieberman will endorse McCain

Sen. John McCain, trying to build momentum toward a reprise of his 2000 New Hampshire primary victory, is piling up high-profile endorsements, including one from another political maverick, Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

The Connecticut senator, an independent who was the Democrats’ 2000 vice presidential nominee, was scheduled to announce his support for McCain at a town hall meeting Monday morning in Hillsborough.

A Lieberman adviser said the senator decided to back McCain despite being a Republican because he believes his colleague from Arizona “has the best chance of uniting the country in its fight against Islamic terrorism.”

The adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in advance of the formal announcement, said Lieberman would continue to caucus with Senate Democrats, and said his decision was not a reflection of any lingering tension with his old party after high-profile Democrats abandoned him when he lost the Democratic primary during his 2006 Senate re-election campaign.

One 2008 White House contender, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, supported Lieberman in the primary, but said after he lost, “I’m going to just hope Senator Lieberman will take a hard look at this and do what is best for Connecticut and the Democratic Party.”

Another leading Democratic candidate, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, donated $5,000 to the Democratic nominee, Ned Lamont, and sent an e-mail just before the general election saying, “Please join me in supporting Ned Lamont with your hard work on-the-ground in these closing weeks of the campaign.”

Lieberman subsequently won re-election with an independent candidacy and has since been the darling of many prominent Republicans, including former White House adviser Karl Rove, for pushing a hard line in support of the country’s war in Iraq. McCain also supports the war, calling it a critical battlefront in the fight against terrorism.

A top McCain aide said: “They are obviously very good friends. McCain helped him in his re-elect, and the significance of the support he will help attract to McCain cannot be overstated.”

The aide also spoke on the condition of anonymity prior to the Monday event, which the campaign generically advertised as “a major new endorsement.”

Word of the endorsement follows several other high-profile announcements for McCain, including weekend endorsements by The Des Moines Register and The Boston Globe.

McCain has largely ceded the Iowa caucuses to front-runners Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, but the Register said, “McCain is most ready to lead America in a complex and dangerous world and to rebuild trust at home and abroad by inspiring confidence in his leadership.”

The Globe, while not based in New Hampshire, circulates in New Hampshire’s vote-rich southern tier. McCain has focused his campaign on the Granite State, hoping to repeat his 2000 victory over George W. Bush.

“The iconoclastic senator from Arizona has earned his reputation for straight talk by actually leveling with voters, even at significant political expense,” the Globe wrote.

McCain has also picked up endorsements from The New Hampshire Union Leader, the state’s largest newspaper, and The Portsmouth Herald.

“U.S. Sen. John McCain will tell you the truth, even if it costs him the election,” the Herald wrote.

McCain, campaigning Sunday in Florida, said he expected the endorsements would help him with undecided voters, especially registered Republicans.

“All of them say the same thing — that I have the experience and the judgment to lead this country and that I have been the one who is presidential,” the senator said. “Obviously that will help me as we get down in the last few weeks before the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire primary, Michigan and South Carolina primaries and the Florida primary.”


Associated Press Writers Andrew Miga in Washington and Brendan Farrington in Fort Myers, Fla., contributed to this report.


  1. JerryG

    Okay, so Joe has endorsed John! Big deal! Consider it akin to T-Rex aligning with Allosaurus to stave off the inevitable – extinction! They’re both a couple of political dinosaurs from States with an electorate that quite frankly, has been politically marginalized. Connecticut being nothing more than a “colony” of New York and Arizona nullified by a combination of the retiree vote versus the “illegal”.

    Oh, one last thing about Joe. He’s bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby so it should be no surprise that he feels he’s invulnerable as he goes about his vagabond ways!

  2. barak

    The Jews did it! That’s the bullshit excuse that naive fools like anthny and jerryg try to put on anyone who is Jewish who does something that their warped minds don’t like or understand.
    When we in this country finally understand that Jewish people are just like the rest of Americans with differing points of view, ideas, policies, and practices, this country might begin to coalesce into the great nation that began in 1776 (with the help of a prominent Jewish resident, by the way.) Jews have contributed much to our nation, and to try to belittle the group because of the actions of an off track politician like Joe Lieberman is bigotry personified.
    We don’t need it and it is supposed to be banned in CHB.

  3. Sandra Price

    Many Americans feel a need to secure Israel. I tend to me one of these Americans. I do not believe that keeping the war going in the middle east is the way to do it! There is a crazed emotional movement to continue this crusade to destroy Islam and is simply throwing our American power against the Muslim nations.

    The Bush Administration was driven by this move along with making America a Christian nation. He carelessly sacrificed our own American soldiers for his agenda and finally went too far. It will be proven that his Administration has been run on lies and corruption and destroyed the GOP. It must be done!

    Only the GOP can run these bastards out of office and hopefully the Democrats will do the same. Neither party party represents the people of America.

  4. Carl Nemo

    “We don’t need it and it is supposed to be banned in CHB.” …barak

    Hi barak…

    I agree with you that a mindless carte-blanche indictment of American and world-wide Jewry is out of line, but never, ever should ideas be banned from public scrutiny for the protection of a another “ism”; ie.., Zionism or any other “ism” for that matter.

    It’s when ideas are banned that it gives both fascination and attraction to them regardless of how dark in nature. We want ideas to be exposed in the sunlight of public scrutiny…no?!

    “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”… Thomas Jefferson

    This tryanny includes Zionist Jews from preventing free discourse concerning their historically negative agenda relative to host nations. Yes there are millions of committed, reasonable Jews;ie., Americans that love their country, but there are many that place Israel above all, and for those Jews I say fie on them and their selfish, nationalist agenda, quite possibly a world-destroying agenda.

    Jesus would say…”render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” and to God the things that are God’s… and I say too, that Jews need to render unto the U.S., their loyalty as citizens, and to Israel the things that are theirs, but not ours, and to Yahweh the things that are His…!

    Either American Jews are with us, the U.S. as a nation; ie., American citizens swearing allegiance to the U.S. or they are citizens of Israel, swearing allegiance to Israel, but they can’t have it both ways regardless of the dual-citizenship phenomena…no?!

    We the People of the U.S., have a committment, but not an absolute obligation to protect the somewhat fragile Israeli nation; surely not at the expense of destroying the United States of America and the free world in the process…!

    I rest my case.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. pondering_it_all

    Lieberman endorses McCain: Like everybody didn’t see that coming?

    Lieberman is the most pro-war serving Senator associated (even faintly) with the Democratic Party. Since >70% of Americans want us out of Iraq yesterday, Lieberman’s only hope for continuing this fiasco is with the Republicans.

    No problem. If Joe Lieberman wants to chain himself to a sinking ship it doesn’t matter much if it is a barge or a battleship. He’s going down either way. At least there is no more question about his intentions. He is now a Republican.

  6. Carl Nemo

    It seems that John McPain just had traitor guy Lieberman, throw him a life preserver with 50 foot of chain attached to a 2 ton anchor in a mile deep political ocean. Bye-bye McPain…:))

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. barak

    I am deeply troubled by the actions of the elected members of the US Legislature. Doug’s comments re who is blowing whom and what dirt Bush may have on Reid and Pelosi are simply reiterations of things I have said here in the past. Anyone who thought that Nancy would change from the corrupt Maryland history she sprung from must have had their head up their ass. I had high hopes for the Democrats in their rise to majorities in Congress, but the moment Nancy tried to wrangle a private jet to ferry her ass back and forth I knew the same same crap and corruption would be spewing forth under her ‘leadership’.
    Reid’s absence from crucial votes to go on safaris or other taxpayer paid junkets showed his true colors, and we should realize that any senator from the mob controlled state of Nevada had to have his hand out and had to be corrupt or corrupted–not much difference in this case. If you think Mario Puzo, in the Godfather Stories, made it all up about the senator who licked Michael Correlioni’s ass, well, the word naive was meant to be applied to YOU!
    Joe Lieberman used to be a good Senator. Not great, but good. It seems that failed run at the White House made him nuts because ever since then his irrational behavior has been a cause celebre for the Republicans and Bush. I would be amazed if the voters renew his term.
    We need to act now to change the elected officials in all the parties. It is time to bring in new, fresh, and hopefully clean blood before another soldier’s blood is shed in the morass of the middle east. We aren’t the world’s policeman but we are the world’s greatest arms dealer and keeping all these actions and wars and skirmishes going is pouring big bucks into the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex.
    Don’t get me wrong. I like America to succeed. I like it when our balance of payments starts moving in OUR favor instead of against us. But to do this on the bodies of OUR soldiers is just wrong. Plain wrong. We pour billions of dollars into a phony war and then deny children health insurance. This is not what America is supposed to be about.
    Our freedoms are being eroded and taken away one by one, and nobody in our government is helping to stop this violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Instead, they are helping the president and vice-president to spy on us at will. We need to clean house and senate. If our legislators won’t do this, then we must overthrow the tyranny that exists in Washington. We got rid of one King George, there is no reason that we cannot arise and get rid of another.
    We may have been the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave once upon a time, but most fairy tales start that way and not all have happy endings.
    This one certainly doesn’t…

  8. Sandra Price

    I live in Arizona and have yet to meet anyone who supports McCain. We are overrun with illegals which advances the threats of terrorists on our border. McCain should have represented Arizona instead of his plan to add troops to Iraq. He is the typical war supporter and adding to the debt that our grandkids will have to borrow to pay.

    McCain is a real hero but is also an opportunist for power.

    Lieberman is another power seeker and is willing to sacrifice more of our soldiers for his own use. We must get our troops out of the Middle East, close our borders and get the federal government out of our personal lives.

    As much as I dislike and distrust the Republican Party, there is only one candidate that fits the bill and that is Ron Paul.

  9. Steve Horn

    “A Lieberman adviser said the senator decided to back McCain despite being a Republican because he believes his colleague from Arizona “has the best chance of uniting the country in its fight against Islamic terrorism.””

    Islamic terrorism – there’s that phrase again. Funny how when you steal land from people they tend to fight back.

    Lieberman is showing his true colors as being the worst sort of narrow minded bigot –

    What this world doesn’t need is more simple minded hawks in positions of power – what it does need are people who embrace peace and negotiation.



  10. anthny

    I have no use for Lie-berman…..I have never voted for any of Lie’s runs because he is a power mad pawn for the Zion-Neo-Cons, he can’t be trusted.
    In fact I think he was very unethical when he changed parties in mid stream to be a Independent. Now giving the Independents a bad name.

  11. CheckerboardStrangler

    McCain is a Republican.
    Romney is a Republican.
    Giuliani is a Republican.
    Huckabee is a Republican.

    Ron Paul is a conservative.

    But most importantly,
    Lieberman is a Republican.

  12. Janet

    Well, Joe Lieberman has officially come out of the closet. He’s now openly a Republican. Seems like the Connecticut voters screwed themselves – and us.

  13. keith

    This is simply more incontrovertible evidence that the Republicans and Democrats are two factions of the same horrifically corrupt “country club”.

    When, oh when, are the American people FINALLY going to wake up and realize they are being ruled by an arrogant, out-of-touch and totally self-serving duopoly?