Congressmen promise CIA probe

U.S. Congress members vowed on Sunday to investigate the CIA’s destruction of videotapes depicting harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects, despite Justice Department advice that the agency not cooperate.

The top Republican member of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee and a leading Democratic voice on security joined in a blistering attack on the CIA and on the complex network of U.S. intelligence agencies in general.

“We want to hold the (intelligence) community accountable for what’s happened to these tapes,” Republican U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan said on “Fox News Sunday.” “We will issue subpoenas … Our investigation should move forward.

He said he had no confidence in U.S. intelligence leadership. “You’ve got a community that’s incompetent. They are arrogant. And they are political. And they don’t believe that they are accountable to anybody. They don’t believe that they’re accountable to the president.”

Hoekstra said CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden should answer for what he called misleading statements by the agency during his term, which began in 2006 after the tapes had been destroyed.

It is believed that the tapes, destroyed in 2005, depicted the use of a simulated drowning technique called waterboarding.

The United States has been widely criticized by European allies and human rights groups for methods like waterboarding, in which prisoners are made to fear that they are drowning. President George W. Bush has repeatedly said the United States does not torture.

The disclosure this month that the CIA destroyed lengthy recordings of the 2002 interrogations of two top al Qaeda suspects has prompted furious denunciations from lawmakers and human rights advocates.

“It smells like the cover-up of the cover-up,” said Democratic U.S. Rep. Jane Harman of California, chairwoman of the House Homeland Security subcommittee on intelligence.

The Justice Department, under new Attorney General Michael Mukasey, whose contentious confirmation focused on his refusal to call waterboarding illegal torture, has launched a preliminary videotape probe in conjunction with the CIA’s inspector general.

But the Democratic-led Congress has launched its own probes. The Justice Department last week urged the CIA not to cooperate, saying it could interfere with the department’s investigation.

Mukasey also rejected a congressional request for information about the Justice Department’s probe.

“I warned them not to destroy the videotapes,” Harman said on the Fox program. “I sent them a letter in 2003, and they did it anyway and they didn’t tell us.”

“Congress does absolutely need to exercise its constitutional authority,” to investigate, she said. Harman also cited concerns about the CIA inspector general’s ability to participate in fair investigation.

In a separate court filing, the Justice Department last week urged a U.S. district court judge not to investigate the videotapes.

The judge in 2005 had ordered the government to preserve information on prisoner mistreatment at the U.S. Naval facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. But the Justice Department said there was no evidence the prisoners believed to be on the videotapes, including suspected al Qaeda lieutenant Abu Zubaydah, were at Guantanamo at the time.

The CIA said it destroyed the tapes lawfully and did so out of concern for the safety of agents involved in the negotiations if the recordings were ever made public.


  1. Disgusted-in-Montana

    The CIA and the military and numbers of other agencies all need oversight. I have piles of footnoted documents that show the CIA to have been involed in bacteriological warfare, in violation of the 1973, 1992 and 1996 treaties, and recently set up thirty-two new Level Four stations, two in Montana. The Epidemic Intelligence Specialist most quoted is Dr. Alan Steere. Read about him on a search engine that has the whole document, “Lyme is a Biowarfare Issue.” It was written by a woman in England who had her phone and computer compromised by the U.S. Military here. She uses the pseudonym of Elena Cook, because of death threats. Her own story was on Google, recently. I have been trying unsuccessfully since last February to get Max Baucus’Office to do something about this. There is a book out called “Lab 257” showing how we brought NAZI
    [Operation Paperclip], and Japanese Concentration Camp doctors [Operation 731] to the U.S., absolved them of their war crimes, gave them U.S. citizenship, and put them to work in our own program on Plum Island, off the coast of Connecticut. That is how we got incurable, DNA modified Lyme mixed in with a modified mycoplasma fermetens. Lyme is Pandemic in the eastern U.S., but that’s not the only bug they’ve been playing with. I’ve written to Dodd and Lieberman without response. Meanwhile, doctors all over the country are losing their licenses…for using too much anti-biotics to control Lyme. Amy Tan caught Lyme and spent $57,000 on psychiatrists, before a friend took her to San Francisco to see Dr. Raphael Stricker, head of the ILADS [International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society] which receives no government funding. With his help, she was able to finish another book: “The Opposite of Fate,” dedicating it in part to him, and dedicating the last chapter pp.367-398 to her Lyme experiences. Thanks to Steere, et al, you can never be completely cured of Lyme and can pass it on to your children, husband, etc. He has the doctors talking in unison: six weeks of antibiotics, and you are cured. If not, you have something else we do not know how to cure. In other words, “Go home and die.” My query here is that if President Bush had Lyme a year ago last August, why is he so well? Are they withholding a biowarfare cure? They did when they gave Reagan ‘Carnivora’ [from Germany] for his cancerous, inoperable polyps.
    Next, for fun and wonderment, look up HAARP on Google, and read the Begich analysis: weather control, mind control, death rays, and the possibity of rupturing the Ionosphere badly enough to shower us with meteors. The picture of the installation is on the page! Has our weather been nutty? They’re misusing Nicola Tesla’s missing inventions. He was found dead in his New York lodgings, and all of his papers were missing. By the way, he’s the one that beat Edison out of DC current…and the reason we have AC. Let then politicians talk about the weather and energy. Tesla made enough current with an earth/sky impedence antenna to blow out the powerplant in a Colorado town, and caused a mild earthquake in N.Y. when he had been there previously.
    But as to chronic Lyme, I am only one of tens of thousands who have to suffer with it, and will die from it. It mimics every disease in the American Psychiatric Association Handbook, and between 100 and 300 other diseases. I have an unnecessary quad bypass from it, and the records to prove it…and disprove other labels that the medical ‘practitioners’ have hung on me. HIPPA was no help. HUD does not obey their own regulations. They all need constant oversight…and not just from within.
    In reality, we could now be in a bacteriological war, undeclared, and soon be unable to protect ourselves from those who have set all of this up.
    Marjorie Tietjen is a Lyme Activist and a writer. She can be located at but they will not listen to her, either. And with Dr. James Burrascano [who has Lyme] testifying before Congress for sixteen years… and almost losing his license to the AMA/CDC/HHS/FDA/drug & insurance company groups for using antibiotics in his treatments,something is definitely wrong with Congress. The One-Worlders with their Malthusian ideals of a population of only two billion, worldwide, would love that. God will not bless an unrighteous America…put up with Euthenasia and Infantacide, or blowing the Hell out of those ‘undemocratic’ countries. The whole country seems to lack moral values. We’ve traded them for playtoys and diversions. I’m 70, and my younger world was not perfect,
    but a lot nicer.