• Carl Nemo

      What’s really bizarre is a U.S. Secretary of Defense babbling about political parties in far off lands such as Egypt. That’s within the domain of State or the Executive.

      Is Obama having a meltdown and hiding in a broom closet crying and sucking his thumb? “Bwaa…bwaaaa….I can’t handle it anymore! Where’s my basketball? I wanna go out and play mommy! ”

      Carl Nemo **==

  1. Carl Nemo

    Gates this and Gates that. He surely seems to be in the news quite a bit lately while on a whirlwind mission to everywhere and anywhere hoping to contain the dissolution of Middle East and North African governments.

    He’s the MIC’s main man on the job in D.C. Has there been a soft MIC coup of the U.S. Government with the SOD now speaking on behalf of the President on so many issues? Where’s our illustrious Secretary of State Clinton?

    Carl Nemo **==