1. What? You mean nuclear energy isn’t exactly clean or safe? But first Junior and now Obama said it was necessary for our green future!

    Coal is still the safest and cheapest fuel for energy. We have trillions of tons of the stuff, enough to power the USA for 500 years.

  2. On a lighter note,
    Ferlin Husky departed this dimension today, 3/17/11,
    on the wings of a snow white dove.

    R.I.P. Ferlin..

    As for the President, Congress, and the media,
    comprehensive is the least of all descriptive words you dumb asses keep passing off as thoughtfulness..
    Thank you for your considerable condescension.
    Remember Pols, we don’t fly as near the sun on waxen worded wings,
    ……we will always be here.

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