Sounds familiar

President George W. Bush is threatening another veto of another spending bill coming out of the Democratic Congress.

Bush claims he wants fiscal responsibility — on any spending except for the billions upon billions that he has wasted on his failed Iraq war.

Hypocrisy lives on in Washington.

Veto of Spending Bill Is Threatened – The White House budget director warned that the president was prepared to veto a spending package being prepared by Congressional Democrats. [Washington News]


  1. bryan mcclellan

    If it ain’t makin money for the MIC I’m puttin the ink to it, smirky says.We can only hope “binary man”(as Hal suggested)will veto himself and suddenly depart from this plane of existence.

  2. macmac

    macmac We the people deserve better then lies. 9/11 is a lie they can not afford the truth to come out. If they can’t tell the truth they need to step down. We the people will know the truth and it will unite us.