Oprah, we’re tired too

Oprah Winfrey, putting her name and prestige on the line by supporting and campaigning for Barack Obama, says she’s tired of politics as usual.

We’re got a newsflash for you Oprah.

So are the rest of us.

'I'm Tired of Politics as Usual' – DES MOINES, Dec. 8 — Oprah Winfrey put her star power behind Sen. Barack Obama on Saturday, telling a rapt audience of thousands that she is joining the fight for the White House because she is “so tired” of the status quo in Washington. [Washington Post Political News]


  1. Sandra Price

    Did anyone watch the Oprah/Obama Iowa convention? It was fabulous and if the Democrats what to win in 2008 they now have the agenda to use. It was mentioned that Americans want to unite under a national force instead of divisions that have been organized the last 7 years. He did not mention Bush more than once, if at all, but the audience came alive at the thought of all the label making and effort to destroy people’s love for the American values.

    They made their promises of focusing on education, health care and revitalizing the middle incomes and lower incomes in America. To me this is 1964 all over again. Americans will trade their rights and even capitalism for security.

    When LBJ won that election over Goldwater it was because the GOP had divided between the Rockefeller power and individual freedoms. This time America will not recover. We have been led by a monster President who did destroy our worldly reputation and our economy, through outrageous lies and corruption. I think it is very telling that many Republicans can’t see this or even understand right from wrong. Has an overdose of religion does this to the conservative voters?

    I can only hope Ron Paul will address all of these horrible actions done by Bush and not run from the damage. He seems too meek and mild and needs some powerful people to push his agenda ahead. I hope Paul can go for the middle American voters and not even try for the religious right. Religion in America is now an ugly movement filled with threats of hell and is becoming a bad and evil force in America.

    America is not a Christian Nation and it should never be. I would have to believe that the churches have lost members due to the ridiculous agenda laid out by the Republicans. It is sad that the only Republican running with a chance to win is Rudy Giuliani who is not the model of ethics or morals but if he makes it to the finals, will gather Paul’s people.

    I cannot remember ever watching Oprah but I saw men and women with tears in their eyes trying to figure out where America went so wrong. We have become so hateful with each other that we are involved in an emotional civil war and it is time we united and the GOP has no agenda to unite. The GOP wants a dictator to lead the people. You want a God to lead you through prayer, not a clean and honest government. Social Conservatives destroyed the Constitution and brought our government down to a useless pile of fear. Our schools forgot to teach individual rights and freedom under the pressure to teach Christian tenets.

  2. Jenifer D.

    IMHO, I think Oprah needs to stick to being a talkshow host, however, campaigning for SEN Obama will just give her a whole new class of people to exploit on her next show. I’m expecting the rest of the talkshow Jackals, like Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil, and Montel Williams, to jump on this bandwagon, too.

  3. bryan mcclellan

    I’m not sure if he is physically or not Sandra, but my memory of a guy who called it as he saw it and damn the spin doctors is still very much alive in my memory.His favorite beginning it is said was ,I could make a monkey out of you in no time,but why should I take the credit.Fox/bush news would never have gotten away with the obvious lies that they peddle today had old Joe had anything to say about it,conservative or liberal were fair game.P.S. Joe passed in 1970 at 44 of lung disease…Obama to his credit seems to be clear of special interest influence now,but as it is with all politicians we need to take a wait and see approach.I won’t know till I walk into the booth to vote and thats what I fear the most,NO CLEAR CUT CHOICE..PMFOT’s