1. By all means Mr. Kerry, use your wife’s personal fortune from Heinz to hire Xe and change Libya to your liking. Get those European NATO allies to go out and shoot for their oil like our boys are being forced to do. We are not the world’s police force!

  2. “U.S. failure to act more swiftly and forcefully over Libya is allowing an “extraordinary opportunity” to slip away…” extract from article

    So billionaire Kerry encourages involvement in a civil war which should be none of our affair. Thanks John for looking for the interests of America first…NOT! Gee he was once against the Viet Nam war, now he’s a warmonger. He also likes to spend other people’s money, not his, but that of the U.S. tax debtor. The older he gets, the more insignificant his thoughts on just about anything becomes.

    You must be getting either bored, hungry or both. It’s time for your bowl of clam chowder at the “Union Oyster House”…no? / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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