They call it the “Monica Cocktail,” oral sex named in a reference to Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern who performed the same act on President Bill Clinton during the infamous Oval Office affair that led to impeachment proceedings.

It has other variations: “Being Monica’d” or “Lewinskied.” But it means oral sex in the halls of power in Washington and it has become a favorite pastime of teenage pages for the Congress of the United States.

Reports of pages enjoying the “Monica Cocktail” in the Congressional Page Dorm on Capitol Hill along with shoplifting by other pages have led to the resignations of two members of the Page Oversight Board and at least four pages sent home in disgrace.

Sources close to the Page System say the recent allegations are just the tip of a sexual scandal iceberg that threatens a page system rocked too many times in the past by sexual indiscretions.

Capitol Hill Blue interviewed a number of current and former pages by phone and email on condition that their names remain anonymous. They say sexual misbehavior is common among the high school juniors who serve as pages for Congress. Pages normally serve as gofers for elected representatives, running errands, delivering messages and -theoretically at least – learning how government functions. They live in a dorm on Capitol Hill and attend school at the Library of Congress.

In 1983, two members of Congress – Republican Daniel Crane of Illinois and Democrat Gerry Studds of Massachusetts – admitted affairs with 17-year-old pages and were censured by their House colleagues.

In 2006, Republican Mark Foley of Florida resigned after revelations of sexual indiscretion towards male pages.

After each scandal, Congress promised a crackdown on lax security of pages but the problems continue.

The latest scandal involves sexual antics not with Member of Congress but among the pages themselves although some have told Capitol Hill Blue that they have had sexual encounters with staff members of elected representatives and one female page has claimed on ongoing affair with a Congressman.

“We’re young and horny like most teenagers and we’re away from home,” one page admitted. “It’s not that hard to enjoy benefits with each other.”

“Benefits” is another teenage slang word for sexual activity.

Recent studies of sexual behavior among teenagers claim that oral sex is commonplace among teens and even pre-teens and is considered more casual social interaction than romantic involvement.

Some teenagers quote Bill Clinton as saying “oral sex is not really sex.” At one point during his denials of a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, Clinton did say he did not equate oral sex with “sexual relations.”

Asks one page: “If it was no big deal with the President, then what’s the big deal anyway?”

A survey of teenagers by Seventeen Magazine found that 55 percent of teenagers admit to having oral sex and found the act practiced by those as young as 12.

According to a report aired on the Oprah Winfrey Show:

  • It’s an oral sex epidemic: in schools across the country, children as young as twelve are engaging in oral sex.
  • Oral sex happens at parties, school, buses and elsewhere-it’s the new Spin the Bottle.
  • At some oral sex parties, boys line up in “trains,” with each boy being serviced by a girl.

“Oral sex is far less intimate than intercourse. It’s a different kind of relationship,” Claire Brindis, professor of pediatrics at the University of California at San Francisco, told The Washington Post in 2005. “At 50 percent, we’re talking about a major social norm. It’s part of kids’ lives.”

Pages on Capitol Hill say their actions are no different than teenagers back home and they are only doing what teens nowadays consider natural.

“If I want to do somebody, I just do him,” one page says. “No big deal.”

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