Is Hillary’s campaign unraveling?

The once smooth-running machine that was the campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton may be coming apart.

Beset by rookie mistakes, slipping in the polls and under constant attack by Democratic rivals, Clinton is no longer considered the presumptive nominee and some insiders say the campaign is imploding from within.

According to campaign sources, meetings of Clinton campaign strategists often turn into shouting matches and the candidate has threatened to “clean house” if things don’t get back on track.

Clinton recently lost the lead in polls in Iowa and her once seemingly-insurmountable lead in New Hampshire is slipping. Some insiders feel she will become the Howard Dean of 2008, blowing a race that everyone says was hers to lose.

Reports Reuters:

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s lead over rival Barack Obama in New Hampshire has narrowed to single digits a month before the state’s primary election, said a poll released on Wednesday.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll showed the U.S. senator from New York leading Obama 35 percent to 29 percent in the race for New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary on January 8. The survey had a 4 percentage point error margin.

The findings suggested a fiercely competitive race in New Hampshire months after an early autumn CNN/WMUR survey gave Clinton a lead of more than 20 points over Obama, who is a U.S. senator from Illinois, the Post said on its Web site.

That could mean new trouble for Clinton, who was recently edged out of first place by Obama in a Des Moines Register newspaper poll in Iowa, which holds the first contest of the party nominating process with its January 3 caucuses.

Among New Hampshire voters who want a fresh approach to governing, the Post said Obama led 44 percent to 19 percent each for Clinton and Edwards.

Questions over Clinton’s honesty will increase as the primaries draw closer. Her record of evasions as both First Lady and as a Senator and Presidential candidate is not a good one and after two terms of George W. Bush’s constant lying, voters want a President they can trust.

Reports The Associated Press on a recent New Hampshire poll:

The two (Clinton and Obama) are tied on which candidate would do most to bring change to Washington and are close on who best understands peoples’ problems, but Obama is considered the most honest and most inspiring candidate.

The emerging message in polls in clear: Hillary, don’t give up your day job.


  1. Ehayman: Upon what do you base your conclusions about Obama being such a bad choice for the democrats to select as their candidate? It really irritates me when someone makes such strong assertions as you just did with no explanation of the reasoning that caused them to arrive at them.

    I do not agree with what you have said but I am very interested in knowing why you think as you do. I have an open mind. Is there something you know that I do not?

  2. Republicans are salivating at the prospect of running against Obama. If any of you progressives want to make sure another rightwing nutball who doesn’t believe in dinosaurs is our next president, just keep doing what you’re doing and trash Hillary some more.

    Truth: I really don’t like her all that much. But the same thing I don’t like about her is what I do like about her. She will make the deal every time, ideology be damned. And that is the essence of politics, like it or not. Somebody has to wade into the middle of the riot and get everyone to agree to a deal that nobody likes, but that everybody– or at least 51%– can live with. I don’t like it much either, but it is reality.

    So keep trashing Hillary. Then say hello to candidate Obama. And after that, get ready to sing Hail to the Chief to president Huckabee.

    Oh-my-gosh, how Repugnentcans must be salivating.



  4. Pablo. What you are asking for is Socialism. Handing out welfare for those who probably didn’t finish school or get trained for any job necessary for their own future. I will admit our schools are closing due to the number of dropouts and even those who stay, cannot read above a 5th grade level. Handing them social programs instead of education is not a solution.

    At this point, the number one issue is getting us out of The Middle East and concentrate on correcting the mess Bush/Clinton/Bush has made of our Constitution. I believe that every city in America will correct the lack of job training if they can get the government to stop mandating all the extra crap handed to the cities. We have many organizations here in Phoenix who took in Katrina refugees and saw to it they were housed, clothed and given education and health care. This is private money and I resent your comments that we Americans are a selfish bunch.

    I’ve been a Red Cross volunteer for over 20 years and a committed contributor to many programs in two states to keep the damn government out of the problems.

  5. Yanno, this is very revealing. Exposing actually. Here we have a lady who wants to be President of the United States of America, the most powerful position on the planet, who has been coasting along for a couple years in a very controlled and essentially unchallenged six year marketing program as the national pollwise defacto shoein for the job. I can’t justify calling what she has been doing a campaign because she has done very little you could label campaigning other than to read a few “I promse you” speaches to her financial backers at rubber chicken affairs. The days of radical anti-Clinton rhetoric had ended and the obligitory challengers to the champion remained the standard double digits behind. The only thing left to do was nothing. Just “act presidential” and don’t screw it up.

    Who would have thought that after eight years in the White House and six in the Senate, behaving as a president would be one thing she could not do? When the competition decided it was time to go after her record as first lady and a US senator in attack and challenging mode she responded less like a president than the jackass masscot of her party. She fumbled and bumbled until she finally found the perfect response – “NO FAIR!” All the “boys” are ganging up on me! And, of course, her core support group of “I am woman, hear me roar” ran up and down the ailses screaming gender bias.

    OK. She was caught off guard, unprepared. But after she and her braintrust had some time to get their act together with a counter attack, that was exactly what they did, yelling across the playground that “YOU’RE ONE TOO!” I’m rubber and you’re glue. You even told the teacher you wanted to be president.

    At least she was smart enough to disavow that the attacks upon her were gender motivated/based.

    Politics and election campaigns have always come down to pointing out the other persons faults and spinning the facts until it often becomes very difficult to know exactly what the truth is. But therein resides the voters decision. Who do you trust? Which one of these two makes me feel like they could be a president they could trust to do the best they can for me and mine. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, and the nation too.

    Hillary hs managed to return the contest to issues, her favorite and strongest, national health care to enrich the insurance industry but she is so vulnerable when it comes to the facts of her record of supporting Bush she will find that her decision to enter into attack campaigning was a fatal one. The competition should chew her up and spit her out on a variety of her actions that are all public record.

    But, in the most crucial part of the voter’s decision making Hillary is and will continue to fail miserably. Looking like, acting like, and inspiring one to feel like she is a president they can trust. She is, in fact, so lacking in presidential “pressence” that she could quite possibly lose the national election if the republicans put up a decent candidate. That would be a national disaster and for the democratic party to even consider that gamble is insane. Any of the other demo contenders would be a better choice and fair more successfully in the national election than she would. Let’s hope the other guys can win enough of the primaries that the convention will not be a first ballot win for Clintion. If the convention becomes a real contest, Obama or Edwards will win just like Kennedy defeated Johnson with perhaps the same deal being struck with her as the vice president.

  6. Hillary = War with Iran, a continued quagmire in Iraq, and enrichment of the insurance company leeches, while Ron Paul = free for all for the wealthy. Remember the poverty before social programs? People were in dire straits. The rich were exploiting the poor. We even had to create child labor laws so they couldn’t abuse the children. There is a reason we have these programs. Remember the dire environmental situation before the EPA? There is a good reason the government intervened. The companies were pillaging and plundering with no regard for present and future generations. Remember the situation before abortion was legalized? Yes. Ron Paul is only libertarian until it comes to abortion; then he wants to play god. Anyway, I, and the majority of Unitedstatesians certainly don’t want to go back to that! These are the things that Ron Paul represents. Read about it here:

  7. Hillary isn’t doing herself any favors with the ad she just began running today in Iowa. It features retired General Wesley Clark, telling about how he was sent over to stop the genocide in Bosnia-Kosovo, and that he supports Hillary as a tough, presumably Commander in Chief.

    Just how this translates into Hillary being suitable for such a post is beyond me. Hell, If Joe Biden hadn’t worked for two years on Bill Clinton to get him to grow a pair, HE wouldn’t have gone over there either! Joe Biden went over there and confronted Slobodon Milosevic face to face, asked him what was going on, and then called him a lying butcher to his face!

    All the while Bill stalled and faunched around women were being raped and killed by the Serbs and the men were being mutilated and butchered.

    Shame on you Hillary! Shame on you Wesley Clark for being a shill for the Clintons!

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