One of the basic tenets of the American legal system is the time-honored concept of “innocent until proven guilty.”

Not in George W. Bush’s America. Under his “the Constitution be damned” concept of justice, those arrested as suspected terrorists are considered guilty even if proven innocent.

A case in point involved a German man busted in Pakistan and shipped off to Gitmo, the prison facility in Cuba where torture rules and rights of the accused don’t exist.

Even though authorities later concluded he was innocent, it didn’t matter.

They got their man.

Even though he was, like so many others, the wrong one.

Evidence Of Innocence Rejected at Guantanamo – Just months after U.S. Army troops whisked a German man from Pakistan to the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2002, his American captors concluded that he was not a terrorist.
[Washington Post Political News]