Bill Clinton’s lament

    Poor Bill Clinton. Whatever he may or may not have accomplished as President was forever tarnished by his inability to keep the First Member in his pants or his hands off a White House intern (and God knows who else).

    Now he says the media is paying too much attention to his wife’s foibles and not enough to her record as a public servant.

    Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho, the current scandal-du-jour on Capitol Hill, offers the same lament. The question, he says, is not whether he is gay or not but rather what he does as Senator.

    This is a familiar divide and divert tactic for politicians and the Clintons, two of the smartest when it comes to politics, play it well.

    But Bill had better be careful. His wife’s public record includes those pesky votes to give President George W. Bush the authority he wanted to invade Irag.

    In Washington, that’s called a little good, old-fashioned karma comin’ round.

    Bill Clinton: Wife's Record Not Covered – KEENE, N.H. (AP) — Bill Clinton said Tuesday that if reporters covered the candidates’ public records better, his wife’s presidential bid would be far ahead of her rivals…. [Political news from The Associated Press]