The former chief of staff for Congressman Curt Weldon copped a plea this week for helping a firm get federal money and then hiding the fact that the same firm paid his wife a fat consulting fee.

In the real world, such actions are called bribery and conspiracy.

On Capitol Hill, it’s called business as usual.

Weldon’s top staff member is not the only one on Capitol Hill to get rich from playing fast and loose with the rules.

He’s just one of the few stupid enough to get caught.

All this happened, of course, right under the noses of the House Ethics Committee, the group charged with keeping members of Congress and their staffs on the straight and narrow.

But it’s hard to expect members of Congress to police themselves when even those charged with enforcing the rules are breaking them as well.

Ex-Staffer To Weldon Agrees to Guilty Plea – Former congressman Curt Weldon’s chief of staff has agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy charges for allegedly helping a consulting firm championed by Weldon obtain federal funds and for concealing money the firm paid his wife, according to court papers filed yesterday. [Washington Post Political News]