Craig still claims he’s not gay

US Republican Senator Larry Craig, who pleaded guilty after a police sex sting operation in an airport bathroom, Monday denied a new flurry of gay sex allegations in his home state newspaper.

The Idaho Statesman on Sunday named four men who said they had sex with Craig, or to whom it said he made sexual advances or paid unusual attention. It added the allegations could not be “disproved.”

The paper said the men were telling their stories because they are offended by Craig’s staunch denials that he is gay.

But Craig, who tried unsuccessfully to have his guilty plea in the sting operation in Minneapolis airport in June withdrawn, vehemently denied the claims.

“It is unfortunate that the Idaho Statesman has chosen to continue to lower itself to the standards of what can best be described as tabloid journalism,” said Craig, adding that the allegations have “no basis in reality.”

“In fact, the paper itself states that these baseless accusations contain no definitive evidence yet they still decided to print them anyway.

“I won’t let this paper’s attempt to malign my name stop me from continuing my work to serve the people of Idaho.”

Craig had earlier said that he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge, for which he was fined and received a year’s probation, in a bid to hush up the affair, which rocked the Republican establishment.

He initially said he would resign if he was unable to clear his name, but remains in the Senate. However he is not expected to seek reelection next year.

Craig’s resignation had been encouraged by Republican leaders worried the scandal would taint all 2008 candidates from the socially conservative party which has faced a string of sex and corruption scandals over the past three years.

The police officer who arrested Craig said the senator had used a series of gestures to invite a sexual encounter, while in a stall in the men’s restroom at Minneapolis-St Paul airport.


  1. Steve Horn

    Let’s see –

    Craig “claims” he’s not gay

    Bush “claims” Iran is going after nuclear (or nookulear) weapons

    Cheney’s doctors “claim” that he has a heart

    Hillary “claims” to be “the one”

    Russia “claims” to have a democratic system

    Democrats in congress “claim” to want peace

    WJ Clinton “claimed” that a blowjob wasn’t sex

    You can “claim” whatever you like – if your claim is contrary to the evidence presented then it’s a false claim.

    Bush pulled the wool over our eyes with claims of the threat of WMD’s in Iraq – now Bush “claims” that he didn’t want to go to war but was pressured by congress.

    Claim what you want – again – the evidence will either support your claim or prove it false.

    Plead guilty and THEN claim to be innocent and you’ll really roil the waters –

    Perhaps the business of this nation and the world at large would be better served by congress investigating the claims the President made when he took us to war, and the veracity of numerous claims the administration has made since and put impeachment back on the damn table than we are by investigating the rather farcical escapades of a closet gay in an airport bathroom.



  2. Rick Fuller

    Larry Craig is correct – he’s not gay. Gay men are OUT and PROUD of who they are. Larry Craig is NOT out, NOR proud of who he is.

    Larry Craig is a psychological and emotional train wreck to be sure.