The US Central Intelligence Agency has reportedly used its ties with its Jordanian counterparts to detain and interrogate at least 12 terrorism suspects in Jordan.

Citing unnamed documents, former prisoners and human rights advocates, The Washington Post said the detention center located on the outskirts on Amman was mostly used as a covert transit point for CIA prisoners captured elsewhere.

Some were detained during stopovers at Amman International Airport, the report said.

After the holding center in Amman, the prisoners were usually sent to the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or CIA prisons in other parts of the world, according to the paper.

The detainees included Marwan al-Jabour, a Palestinian who was transferred to Jordan last year from a CIA secret prison and was released several weeks later in the Gaza Strip, the report said.

The Post pointed out that Jordan’s General Intelligence Department is possibly the CIA’s most trusted partner in the Arab world.

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