Walker says Wisconsin protests haven’t changed his mind


Sean Conard, left, of Green Bay, Wis., and Shyla Deacon of Milwaukee cheer during protests at the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011. Protests to the governor's bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights for many state workers are in their 12th day. (AP Photo/Andy Manis)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the two weeks of protests in the state capital haven’t swayed his resolve to eliminate collective bargaining rights for most public employees.

Leaders of Wisconsin’s largest public workers’ unions have capitulated to Walker’s demands for their members to cover more of their pension and health care benefits to help close Wisconsin’s budget deficit.

But Walker said Sunday on NBC‘s “Meet the Press” that stripping the workers of collective bargaining rights is necessary to give the state the flexibility to get its finances in order.

Democratic and union leaders say the attack on collective bargaining is an attempt to undermine the unions and weaken the Democratic Party base.

Walker also says he thinks some of the 14 state Senators who fled the capital will return soon.

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  1. The protests have mostly proven these employees aren’t needed for the state to function. It would take much larger and violent street protest to gain their attention. And all that will do is guarantee your name and organization gets on a terrorist watch list, if they aren’t already on it.

  2. “Democratic and union leaders say the attack on collective bargaining is an attempt to undermine the unions and weaken the Democratic Party base.”

    • Interesting you should make reference to “holding governators” Byran.

      Obama our Socialist/Commie in Chief and his faceless advisers, Czars and other ilk are feverishly planning a redesign of how the states are governed, no doubt post a crisis they are trying to foment while on his watch.


      They want to divide the U.S. into 10 regions rather than states and although they show names that are currently recognized as governors of given states, there’s a list of shadowy governors to plug in asap for COG purposes post a declaration of martial law. Surely it won’t be those named on this list, but faceless no name bureaucrats that will do whatever they are told by their “dear leader’. / : |

      Evil is afoot in this land.


      “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”…Edward R. Murrow


      Carl Nemo **==

  3. The Emperor is of one mind.
    Hardly doth he possess fear,
    with but having the same thought,
    the tool$ have blinded me.

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