Rewriting history in real time

Former Presidential advisor Karl Rove is trying, once again, to rewrite history and put his former boss into a better light than he deserves.

Now Rove is trying to say the Iraq war was the fault of Congress, not the President who planned to invade Iraq from the day he took office in 2001.

Like so much else that comes out of the failed administration of George W. Bush, this latest flight of fantasy does not pass the smell test.

Rove's Version of 2002 War Vote Is Disputed – Former White House aide Karl Rove said yesterday it was Congress, not President Bush, who wanted to rush a vote on the looming war in Iraq in the fall of 2002, a version of events disputed by leading congressional Democrats and even some former Rove colleagues. [Washington Post Political News]


  1. Sandra Price

    Is there anyone in the Administration who can tell the truth? Doesn’t Bush realize the American people are not as dumb as he is? Rove has been a detriment to the party for many years and Bush needed him to tell Bush what to do. The whole administration can be put into one word…..Lie!…. when you don’t know something.

    Is there any Republican left in office who will stand up and say Rove is a liar? Apparently only Andrew Card admitted it on “Morning Joe”

  2. Carl Owen

    How the mighty have fallen. Rove is finding his support among former colleagues is a mile wide and an inch deep. Both Ari Fleischer and Andy Card dispute Rove’s version of the events. “Turd Blossom” is so apropos for the idiot.