Geraldo Rivera, easily one of the most biased and repudiated “journalists” in television history, claims the New York Times is biased because it never puts a “positive spin” on stories. That’s odd. We thought the role of the press was to report the news, not “spin” it.

Reports Editor & Publisher:

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera made it plain today that he enjoys good news — and that he doesn’t ever expect any from The New York Times.

On “Good Day New York” this morning on the Channel 5 Fox news affiliate, Rivera blasted the Times, stating the newspaper always manages to find “the negative” in every story it prints, and even went so far as to say the Times never has anything positive to report.

Rivera, who boasted that he’s “been around the block a few times” when it came to news reporting, said, “These guys are not in the business of making you feel good.”

He added that “There’s never a positive spin” in any of the Times’ news stories.

“Good Day” host Rick Folbaum agreed, saying that the Times has been “attacking” the Bush administration “since the day he was inaugurated.”

Rivera concurred. He then challenged “Good Day” co-host Jodi Applegate — who was holding up an edition of the Times — to find one story with something positive in it.

Applegate put on a dumbfounded face, looked at the camera and joked, “I can’t find any!”

The interview then took a surreal turn as Applegate, flipping through the Times searching for some good news, started an impromptu rendition of the song “My Favorite Things.” Folbaum and Rivera soon joined in, locking arms and smiling together as they continued the song.