So, do you have what it takes to anchor the naked news?

Three finalists for The Naked News anchor. Do you have what it takes (or might not take)?


  1. Carl Nemo

    Hell, I’m so old that only watch it for the news content. : ))

    In all seriousness, folks should visit the site as long as you aren’t prudish concerning the human body. Maybe they should come up with version for the gals with buff dudes reporting the news in the rough.

    The gals they pick for the site are not only attractive, but quite articulate and entertaining beyond their nudity.

    I wouldn’t class it as being tasteless in any way.


    Knowledge and beauty are the food and drink of the spirit.
    – Eolake Stobblehouse, Domai founder


    Domai is a tasteful, non-porn site that is my daily tonic.

    Carl Nemo **==