Bush is counting on Condi, who by her own words is a “plenty steeped” negotiator, to parley a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine. Can Condi Rice assure Bush II a positive place in history for doping doing at least one thing right? Richard Nixon is credited with opening up relations with China. Jimmy Carter is known for brokering peace between Israel and Egypt with the Camp David Accords. And of course Ronald Reagan was at the right place at the right time with the carrots and the stick to end the Cold War.

I don’t think anyone associated with George W. Bush will be trusted by the Palestinians. Who then can work mid-east magic and pull a rabbit out of their hats? None other than Bill Clinton. Having failed once as president a wiser Clinton is now the proven prestidigitator with the finesse to make Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas kiss and make googly eyes.

William Jefferson Clinton has to be itching to get back in the game instead of sitting on the sidelines, okay, at the bedside, of his wife’s campaign. The man is an action junkie and I can’t imagine him being anything but utterly bored with the make it and rake it in of the lecture circuit. Sure he’s a major cog in Hillary’s campaign, but a cog is still a cog. And Bill Clinton isn’t cut out to be a cog.

Why Bill?

For one thing, I can’t imagine Bill Clinton lapsing into Bushspeak as Condi did talking to the press the other day:

“I’m plenty steeped in the past history of negotiations, and I’m plenty steeped in some of the things that have worked and some of the things that haven’t,” she told reporters at a briefing. “Let’s not talk about what level of preparation was there for other efforts, including efforts that didn’t succeed.” Ref.

What the hell does that mean?

Condi “I love George” Rice (note the body language in the picture at left and here) is the Secretary of State of a president fast going down to the bottom of the heap of failed presidents in large part because of his total lack of understanding of the Middle East. Not only is this Condi we’re counting on, but look at the picture, she’s a female who may try to affect the asexual gravitas of a Madeline Albright but when she does so she comes across looking like a perky chipmunk trying to look serious.

She’d do better in a burka..

And she is supposed to have credibility with leaders of countries like Saudi Arabia where a rape victim can be sentenced to 100 lashes?

Bill Clinton would go to the Middle East as a former United States president who is held in high regard by the world at large. He has grown in stature as an ex-president and if anybody doubts his skills at persuasion, consider that he managed to get back into Hillary’s good graces despite his lack of erectile compunction.

Add to Bill’s skills the possibility he will once again reside in the White House and could even be appointed Secretary of State by Hillary (if she has the guts) or another Democratic president, and you have a peace broker to be reckoned with.

If Bush wants to keep Condi in the loop, she could tag along with Bill. I’m sure he could find something useful for her to do.

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