Just partisan political pukes

From time to time, some partisan political puke will email or confront me in a coffee shop to try and convince me that America will be so much better off with their party in power.

Currently, it’s the Democrats who shout from the rooftops that the only thing America needs to cure its ills is to put someone from the party of the jackass back into the White House.

Yeah, right: And there will be pork in the tree tops by morning.

This is what makes the American political system such a laughing stock. When partisanship trumps practical thinking, reason takes a holiday and America loses.

Democrats aren’t any better than Republicans. They’re just another class of corrupt criminals with slightly different approaches to criminal activity. Democrats are no more honest than Republicans and no more concerned with what’s right for America.

Take Nancy Pelosi (as Henny Youngman would have said: “Please”). When Democrats swept into power though the angry vote of a hopeful, but hopelessly ignorant, populace, the mainstream media fell all over itself gushing about the lady from California and how things would change in Washington.

They glossed over history: Pelosi learned her politics from her daddy, a corrupt, bribe-taking old-school politician, Big Tommy D’Alesandro, Mayor of Baltimore. The Washington Post called Big Tommy a “flamboyant and legendary machine politician.”

Big Tommy was a lot more than that: a crook who took payoffs, rewarded corruption and he taught young Nancy how to hand out favors and reward those who played the game.

Pelosi showed what daddy taught her when, as her first act as the incoming Speaker of the House, she tried to ram the ethically-challenged Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha down her fellow Democrats’ throat as the new House Majority Leader. Then she opened the new Congress with a high-dollar fundraiser for the same fatcat special interest groups that controlled the GOP Congress.

Things aren’t any better in the Senate where Harry Reid, a fast-buck artist who made millions on shady land deals back home in Nevada, runs the show like a fiefdom.

But the real poster child for the Democrats in Congress is Rep. William Jefferson, the Louisiana bribe-taker who faces two new charges for soliciting money for votes even while awaiting trial for bribes relating to the pile of cash FBI agents found in his freezer last year.

If Democrats had an ounce of the ethics they claim they would have tossed Jefferson out of Congress in a heartbeat. But they simply stripped him of a few committee posts and kept him around, proving to the world that the corrupt protect their own and nothing changes in the den of thieves called the United States Congress.

Republicans gave us con-artists and bribe-takes like Tom DeLay and Duke Cunningham but as long as Democrats keep criminal elements like William Jefferson around they have no room to talk: Not to mention known wife beaters like Jim Moran of Virginia or con-artists and check kiters like Corrine Brown of Florida.

As Mark Twain once said, “America has no distinct criminal class…with the possible exception of Congress” and Twain was smart enough to not claim they belonged to just one political party.

Too bad the partisan political pukes who march under the flag of one party or another aren’t that smart.


  1. pondering_it_all

    C’mon Doug! There’s crime and then there’s CRIME. A few Democrats have sticky fingers (in both senses) and you equate that with the current administration’s massive perversion of checks and balances, massive violation of civil rights, massive heap of corpses to serve the interests of the oil cartel, and the GOP congressmen who rubber stamp every one of these obscenities?

    You must have been a lawyer in a past life: You’ve got down cold the “swallowing elephants and straining at gnats” part of their act…

    I guess there IS one important difference between Democrats and Republicans: I’m a Democrat and I say: “Let them stand trial and be punished if guilty.” Bush says: “I will pardon anyone who commits crimes for me.”

  2. pollchecker

    While I will admit that our current 2 party system has its flaws and could use some revision, but what would you recommend Doug? Anarchy? Totalitarianism?

    I have left the USA in disgust with our nation but unfortunately there’s no place better to live.

    You are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution. Some days I’m not sure which side of this equation you are on.

  3. sherry

    Common sense went on holiday long, long ago. It took a one way ticket to else where and there is no return date posted.
    I have said for years we need a third pary, or perhaps 10.
    I am angered beyond words when someone marries a political party and effectively places their team above the good of the nation.
    Currently I know of few polticians who actually of are in it for the good of the nation.
    Our fellow Americans are desperate for someone to believe in. Unfortunately that person has alluded us. So we settle again. Do we want Bush lite as in Hillary or Bush on steroids as in Rudy.
    Just shoot me

  4. km0591

    So Doug, both parties are filled with criminals and liars, and all indications are that they will remain in power in one form or another for the forseeable future. What do you suggest? Leave the country? Suicide?

  5. keith

    As I’ve said, we don’t get the government we deserve; we get the government we allow.

    Our founding fathers were well aware of this fact. Which is probably why they embodied numerous checks and balances into our Constitutional form of government. They ASSUMED that sometimes crooks, phonies, perverts, and/or thieves would (mistakenly) be elevateed to high office. My hunch is that they also had ample proof that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. However, they spelled it as “The King of England” at the time.

    This may also be why our founding fathers enshrined such things as impeachment clauses and the right to keep and bear arms into our Constitution…to keep those elected by the people continually accountable to the governed…or face expulsion (or worse).

    But, unfortunately, our founding fathers never dreamed that all three branches of our government (along with the so-called “free” press) would become so thoroughly corrupt…and all at the same time.

    Our “Republicrat” politicians have now very carefully “short-sheeted” nearly all of the checks and balances our founding fathers painstakingly put into our Constitution to the point that they are all but gone. And, yes, this also includes the clearly awesome (and unique) right for ordinary citizens to keep and bear arms for the express purpose of keeping our elected officials “honest”.

    But, we, the people, still have one VERY POWERFUL weapon at our disposal. It’s called our write-in vote. The “Republicrats” have made it nearlyt impossible for anyone but one or the other of their horribly corrupt bretheren to run in elections these days. But, try as they might, the “Republicrats” have yet to figure out a way to completely eliminate write-in candidates from our ballots.

    The overwhelmingly powerful political duopoly we now see in US politics is a relatively recent phenomenon. At the turn of the 20th Century, there were some 10 recognized (and highly popular) political parties in the United States.

    And those who blindly align themselves with one or the other of the current mainstream political parties might also be surprised to learn that a number of our country’s most honored statesmen were neither Republican NOR Democrat. For example, Alexander Hamilton was a member of the Federalist Party, Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams were Whigs and Theodore Roosevelt was a member of the Progressive Party (otherwise known as the Bull Moose Party). IN fact, it wasn’t until Abraham Lincoln came along in the 1860’s that the Republicans were elevated to high office.

    Even today, there are some 60 or so “Third Parties” in American politics, although (because the “Republicrats” completely control mainstream media) we seldom (if ever) hear about any of them. Of these, the most popular (in terms of actual votes cast in previous elections) are the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party.

    Now, I can certainly understand why someone would be hesitant to “waste” his or her vote on a candidate who doesn’t have an immediate chance of winning. On the other hand, as Doug has so ably noted, continuing to blindly vote for one or the other of the corrupt “Republicrats” simply underwrites their systemic corruption and enables them to continue their horrifically ruinous duopoly at the expense of our once proud (and free) nation.

    What’s more, unlike a “Republicrat” vote that will be forever lost among the tens of millions of others, a vote for a so-called “third party” candidate gives that up-and-coming group (or person) a far greater proportionate share of the total…votes, which, in turn, may eventually lead to federal funding in future elections. And that funding might be just enough to finally break the absolute lock the hopelessly corrupt “Republicrats” (and the slime-ball media barons that are supporting them) currently have on elections in this country.

    Throughout our long history as a nation we’ve had a multitude of honest and decent elected officials with their roots in “third parties” besides the hopelessly corrupt “Republicrats”. I firmly believe our political system CAN be changed so that each of us can once again have a REAL choice come Election Day besides choosing between two sets of hopelessly crooked politicians.

    How are we going to accomplish this seemingly impossible task you ask? I believe the answer is quite simple. We do it two votes at a time.

    Yours and mine.

  6. anthny

    Thanks Doug for saying what needs to be said. Our country is headed for the canvas, the knock-out is coming very soon.

    The people who are in denile about the disease of partisan politics are going to be in for a rude awakening.
    They think all this mess will go away and the Federal Reserve will bail out Wall Street and the Banks.

    Today the world hates us for what we are about to do, Start WWlll
    In the mean time our great-grand children will be paying for this bullshit war in Iraq for the rest of there lives

    I just don’t understand why these crooks are being elected in the first place, or are all the voting machines fixed.

    If Mark Twin were alive today he would be on the tonight show telling us little people what we need to know about the crooks who rule our country.

    Partisan Politics is what got this country into all the trouble we are in…PERIOD….
    “Our Team must Win Right or Wrong” are the biggest problem with politics today along with PAC’s and Think Tinks.
    The so-called think tanks are run for the purpose of dividing our country, in the end a small minority of the power-mad get what they want.

  7. Elmo

    Neither of the two most powerful forces in government is mentioned in the Constitution. Political parties have corrupted ballot access and granted themselves the right to decide how electoral votes are cast. Corporations buy the political parties.

  8. Sandra Price

    I think it is even more basic Keith. The American people do not know right from wrong. They are trained to know legal from illegal and when they see the government make legal changes in the law to cover their own asses, morals will always lose.

    We must never look to the any level of government to tell us what is right and if we discover they have lied and manipulated our votes to change the government, they should be impeached.

    I read Coulter’s brilliant book on Impeachment and realized how difficult it would be to convince our Congress to look at the information objectively before they voted. I was right and the Senate was too lazy to walk next door to view the evidence. This lack of action is what triggered the religious right to come on full force for a born again candidate.

    We all have accepted corruption as the normal rule of the day in our government and we will look the other way if one candidate looks better than the others. I belong to the Rec Centers here in my city and after every debate, I will ask what they thought about the statements and none of them NOT ONE OF THEM WATCHED EITHER DEBATE THAT MONTH. They made it clear they don’t care and probably would vote for the sure winner or not vote at all. May I remind you that Sun City Arizona is the WW2 generation and are bored with politics.

    Years ago I had a realtor in California tell me she would be glad when the WW2 generation was gone so America could then become the progressive nation she wanted.

    The voters are the problem! Is it too late to return to choosing right over wrong or have we forgotten how?

  9. keith

    Sandy, you’re absolutely right.

    Our founding fathers ALSO relied on an informed and activist electorate to do the choosing come election time.

    However, thanks to the totally corrupt media conclomerates, “news” has now become “entertainment” and elections have now become little more than “horse races” between crooked politicians from one or the other faction of the same “country club”.

    Like many others, I’m still waiting to view TV coverage of the debates among candidates from the Green Party, the Constitution Party and the Libertarians. If enough of us get mad enough to keep turning our TVs “off” during what they are dishing up as “news” (and their audience ratings all “tank” as a result) we MIGHT see them start to invite a wider array of candidates.

    However, as you say, the “dumbing down” of our electorate is now all but complete. And that suits the crooked “Republicrat” politicians (along with the totally corrupt media barons that are keeping them all in power) just fine.

  10. JoyfulC

    I think partisan politilock is the product of corruption — not the other way around. Trouble is, for all the wailing and whining over someone else’s “pork” and “blatant corruption,” we’re all too committed to our own little special interests. We, as a culture, are too willing to push our own agendas at the expense of others. We’re too willing to take a shortcut, grease a palm, to get ahead. We’re quick to turn a blind eye to injustice if doing so is easier.

    Our politicians reflect us.

    Right now, we are stuck with Republicans and Democrats. I think the Republicans would dearly love to see the electorate break up over independents and write-ins right at this point in time — it might be their only hope to regain power. This is why we’re suddenly seeing so many conservative pundits expounding on the Democrats (the same party they were dismissing as irrelevant not too long ago). They’re hoping people can be whipped up to view the Democrats as “just as bad!” and thus fail to restore the balance that we need. What a sad day when the worst accusation you can make about your opponent is he’s “just as bad.”

    The US faces a lot of problems — culturally, we’re quite ill! But we’re not going to fix everything with this next election. The only thing we can do is attempt to at least put some balance back. Right now, we either need a larger Democratic majority in Congress or a Democratic president to restore the type of check-&-balance system the forefathers had in mind.

    And anyone who suggests otherwise is probably going to try to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge too.

  11. Stratocaster

    The crimes have been committed. All of the evidence is there. But how do you prosecute them? Commissions to do so would only cover up the crimes.

  12. Stratocaster

    When the crimes committed involve the CIA, several private armies, the executive branch, and members of the Senate and Congress belonging to both parties, how do the people gain the upper hand? Do you know what I am trying to say here?

  13. JudyB

    “There Ought To Be A Law”… against criminals holding office, but there are so damned many criminals running the White House and Congress that such a law will never get passed!
    This administration has been led by a hubris,greedy, lying, dictator but if there would have had strict rules in place and they HAD BEEN INFORCED , we would NEVER had GWB to deal with in the first place!