Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the Democratic Presidential hopeful who sees flying saucers, says an Army training school blamed for human rights abuses in Latin America is something we should expect from an administration that gave us Iraq and is now planning to do the same in Iran.

Kucinich, who was known as “Dennis the Menace” while serving as mayor of Cleveland (where voters tried to recall him) is a shoot-from-the-lip kind of politician.

But that doesn’t make him wrong. The latest scandal surrounding yet another debacle from the failed Bush administration illustrates why the military has an acronym for such operations: FUBAR (which stands for “Fucked Up Beyond All Repair). Some branches say “beyond all recognition” but the point is the same.

Kucinich Protests Army Training School – COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) — Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich said Sunday the thinking that went into producing an Army school blamed for human rights abuses in Latin America was the same that led the U.S. to war in Iraq and could cause it to raid Iran…. [Political news from The Associated Press]

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