While politicians lie, more Iraqis die

A familiar pattern: The Bush Administration claims progress in Iraq so militants there step up the carnage to prove that they, not American troops, control the country.

While administration spokesmen claimed a drop in the level of violence in that civil war-torn country, bombs killed 20 over the weekend.

And, amid all the bloodshed, White House propagandists continued to spread the lie that things are improving in Iraq.

Business as usual: Politicians lie while Iraqis and Americans die.

Reports The Washington Post:

U.S. officials on Sunday declared a 55 percent drop in attacks since the launch of an offensive nine months ago, while bombs across Iraq killed at least 20 people, highlighting the country’s continuing security threats.

The dead included three children who were playing soccer when a roadside bomb exploded at a playground near Baqubah, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad.

Also Sunday, the U.S. military reported the deaths of three soldiers in a suicide attack in Baqubah. Early in the day, a barrage of mortar and rocket fire struck U.S. bases in Baghdad.

Rear Adm. Gregory Smith, a senior U.S. military spokesman, said violence in parts of Iraq had fallen to its lowest levels since summer 2005. Iraqi civilian casualties are down 60 percent since June, and they have dropped 75 percent in Baghdad, Smith said.

But Sunday’s attacks brought a tone of caution.

“The fight we’re up against has not gone away. Today’s mortar and rocket attacks demonstrate that the enemy has the capacity to wage violence,” Smith said. “We’re working our way through those attacks and the level of damage.”

In response to reports that Iran was limiting its alleged support to Shiite militias, U.S. Embassy spokesman Philip T. Reeker said it was unclear whether the country had played any role in the downturn in violence.

“It’s difficult to read trends in reductions,” Reeker said. “Vis-a-vis Iran’s action, that is something we’re not yet prepared to do.”


  1. Sandra Price

    We must not forget that Bush is on a Crusade to kill Muslims. If they kill each other, it’s okay. Pro-life is only for white Christian straight men.

  2. barak

    It is regretably correct that a lie repeated often enough will eventually be taken to be a true fact. This is most true among the less intelligent of our people like George W Bush. He is caught up in himself, and has been lying for so long to so many about so much that he believes the crap he has been trying to stuff down the throats of a more and more reluctant America.
    We are full of shit, the shit Bush and Cheney have been dumping on us, and it is beyond me why people continue to sit on their hands with their mouths open and swallow the lies. I remember seeing a program with about 25 mothers of soldiers who had been killed in Iraq. All but one still supported the administration and the war. I was amazed! If my child had been killed over there for NO REASON, I would have been furious and out there with Cindy picketing and protesting! When I discussed this support by these moms with friends, the only thing we could guess might be the reason for the continued support was that they needed to believe that their child had not died for nothing. That the death was meaningful. That it was noble and done in defense of the homeland.
    That was a year ago. I wonder how they feel now. I wonder why we aren’t taking action against this administration and the corruption that is in nearly every niche of our government. I wonder why the few seemingly honest politicians like Feingold and Waxman don’t speak out more and more. I wonder if I did the right thing in leaving America behind to live in Asia because my level of frustration was getting dangerously high.
    I do not believe in violence. Ghandi proved that a great deal could be accomplished by peaceful protest, but he was able to do that only because he had, by that time, become world famous and had a HUGE following. There isn’t another Ghandi out there now, so we cannot look to that person for salvation. The only salvation for us lies within ourselves.
    The time has come to follow the lead of our Founding Fathers and overthrow the corrupt government that is leading us down the path of destruction.
    Our foreign policy is a joke. The USA has fallen from the lofty heights of respect we once held as a leader of the world. Now we are a joke, a laughing stock in Asia and in Europe, and the leaders of our country command respect simply because of the military technology we have available. Hu Jintao, the leader of China is all over Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, spreading money and good will for China. Bush sits on his ranch and counts how many morning doves Cheney killed along with how many hunting partners have fallen to his VP. Is it any wonder that our reputation is in the toilet? We have no money for foreign aid because it is all sinking in the Iraqui morass and will soon be pouring down the Iran drain if we allow Bush/Cheney to have their way.
    Stop them please America. Write, call, email your congressmen. Raise hell with them and let’s stop this precipitous decline our country is on.
    We need action. We need a leader. We need a motivator. Not one of the candidates in either party is clean enough to do this. We need new and different people. Where are you? In 300,000,000 people there must be one…

  3. SEAL

    I would do it, Barak, but I’m just too tired right now.

    Seriously, I have said many times before – you have to find some incident that will capture the media’s attention and the gov will have to be shown as grossly commiting some violation of bedrock rights. Ignite it anyway you can to fan it’s flames and make it grow until the gov finally opens fire on some innocent protesters. The young people have been waiting for this and there will be armed conflict with blood in the streets for a short while. The people will go underground and leaders will emerge and you will have your revolution. Do you really want that?