According to the tabloids, George W. Bush is bedding Secretary of State Condi Rice and Laura is pretty damned pissed over the whole thing.

Like so many blazing headlines that litter the checkout line at your local supermarket, the Bush-Rice affair stories are long on fantasy and short on fact but the saliciousness of it all has some liberal blogs buzzing.  God knows, Bush’s image could use an affair right now.

World News Weekly reports Laura, pissed over Dubya doing the nasty with Condi, moved out of the White House and into the Mayflower Hotel. The Globe claims she moved into Blair House across the street, quoting the Wayne Madsen Report fantasy factory but Madsen makes up more stories than Jason Leopold.

In reality, if the First Lady stormed out of 1600 Penn in a fit of jealous rage and moved into a hotel the entire Washington press corps would be all over it. Oh wait. We forgot. The press corps is controlled by the Bush adminsitration and would never report such a story.


It’s our feeling that Bush is too busy screwing the country to have anything left over for Condi. Besides, despite our misgivings about Ms. Rice’s politics, we believe she has better taste than to crawl into bed with Bush.