About time the Democrats got down and dirty and outplayed Bush at one of his own games. It is likely that Bush planned to make at least one Senate recess presidential appointment to get around the Senate confirmation process. His choice for surgeon general is the perversely obsessed homophobic Dr. James Holsinger.

This not so good doctor espouses so-called gay conversion therapy which has been condemned by the American Psychological and American Psychiatric Associations. He’s a part-time minister cum M.D. who is itching to move from his little pulpit in Kentucky where he preaches about the evils of anal sex to the far more influential position as the nation’s top medical doctor.

He just resigned from the board of the Asbury Theological Seminary under conditions that causing considerable controversy.

According to several online reports he has told friends that he expects to be a recess appointment to the surgeon general position.

There is no doubt this would be an egregious appointment. I shudder to think who is left on the bottom of the barrel that Bush wants to fill other vacancies if he can avoid Senate confirmation.

Enter Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In order to thwart Bush, Reid will order “pro-forma” sessions every few days through the Thanksgiving holiday period. This means that the Senate remains officially in session.

All it requires is for a Senator to come in and bang the gavel a couple of times. Presumably senators from Virginia and Maryland will handle this rather important task.

Reid is reportedly considering doing the same thing over the long Christmas and New Years holiday.

I hope he does and I hope Senators from other states participate. Perhaps even a few Republicans will join the party of helping restore the balance of powers.

A few days with the family in D.C. during the holidays would be a nice vacation for spouse and kids and give them a chance to enjoy the Smithsonian and other sights and to watch mom or dad run the entire United States Senate all by themselves, if only for a few minutes.

Poking a stick in Bush’s eye will be a small but significant piece of history.

If I were a Senator I’d be clamoring at the bit to be a part of it.

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