1. whatever happened to polite society?
    My parents did not use foul language. They were some of the few who actually lived up to their own beliefs.
    Yeah, almost every one does it.
    I still hate it.

  2. Kent Shaw,

    Hillary has ALSO said that she cannot promise us to be out of Iraq anytime soon. She won’t even promise to push for us to be out of Iraq anytime soon. It’s precisely that kind of inconsistent, pandering doubletalk that makes people (like me) sick of her lying, conceited, establishment self.

  3. Clinton says she will remove the troops from Iraq, except for those needed to protect the world’s largest embassy, some to continue training Iraqis (no doubt quartered on those enduring bases that have been built) and some to continue the fight against al qaeda. So basically she’s going to leave a hundred thousand soldiers and a hundred thousand contractors. But she IS getting us “out”.

    — Kent Shaw

  4. Army desertion rate makes dramatic jump:


    I couldn’t think of any place else to post this. It is significant. 4698 soldiers have deserted this year – that’s 9 out of every 1000. These numbers are extremely unusual for an “occupation.” Iraq isn’t like Vietnam where you were actually in a real war, being shot at every day, and the chances of being killed were very high. The “combat” in Iraq is digging out the insurgents and hoping to miss the roadside bombs.

    This tells me they are not deserting out of fear but because they see this “war” as bullshit and not worth putting their life on the line for.

  5. I have heard that Bush’s plan to fix it so they can’t get out of the war consists of getting a democrat elected that will continue the war. To me this sounds like Hillary has signed onto team Bush. No big surprise.

  6. Don’t forget they have little brother Jeb Bush who just completed two terms as governor of Florida to take over in 2016 – 2024 and by then the Clinton’s daughter should be ready.

  7. Of all the “assholes” debating last night Hillary was the best with Joe a close second…but Barak was by far the biggest and most inept asshole of them all! I am not a Hillary supporter nor am I a Hillary hater. Most of the media only speaks bad of her and I am sick of it…this race, if the media has their way will be between Guliani and Obama…neither of whom I would trust to be president…Rudy is a crook and barak a neophyte. Paul and Kucinich are not given the time of day even though they both have a staunch following. I want the media to start asking pertinent questions to ALL THE CANDIDATES and keep at them until they get them to answer what we voters need to know about them. By the way…my guess would be that Jimmy Carter probably had the cleanest mouth of any President when the mikes were off and nobody gave a damn!

  8. Since George the First rose to power in 1988, then Bill in 1992, then Junior was Selected in 2000. Now we have the specter of Hillary in 2008 until the year 2016 if she gets reelected. Does is bother anyone else like it bothers me, that for 28 years in this country that the best we can do is members of two families? I mean what the fuck is this, The War of the Roses? Shakespeare would be spinning in his grave.

    As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you
    can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against ’em anyway, you don’t belong in office.-Molly Ivins

  9. The party of values has shown that once again, they don’t have any. I would imagine the talking heads of Fox News would still be shrieking and gnashing their teeth if a Democratic candidate had called Laura Bush (or even Ann Coulter) a similar epithet in public.

    If Hillary’s a bitch, I wanna be one too.

  10. The tone of “how dare you” was far beyond “no” or “I dont know”. There is a clear difference to a reasonable person. You just dont hear Bill or Hillary brook that type of nonsense, and you dont hear them calling Bush a bastard in a press conference. Then you have people that come out and say “Well I heard her say ‘shit’ in a meeting”. Well whoopty do. That just makes her better if she can cuss when appropriate.

  11. SEAL,

    Brevity IS the soul of wit! ASSHOLE is a fine gender-neutral term for politicians. There are others, of course, but I second your nomination.

  12. Oops! I see now I should have read the other Hillary pieces before responding to this “Bitch” article, as the Comments offered by Seal and Sawbuck are both hard hitting and provocative. Sawbuck’s is apparently well researched and Seal’s is very scary in pointing out how important it is we nominate a viable candidate. One other frightful aspect of a Hillary presidency is Bill’s very cozy relationship with the Chimp’s father. The idea of the Bush “crime family” in cahoots with Slick Willy’s 2nd sojourn in the WH is too devilish to contemplate.

  13. Would it be productive to list Hillary’s negatives? Obviously, she is a polarizing bitch, as has been amply established here. I am fearfully inclined in her favor in view of her behind the scenes experience in Bill’s WH tenure, her intelligence–Harvard law school lawyer, 2nd term senator, etc. But allow me to start the negatives list:

    1) Excessively ego driven to be president.
    2) Pandering double talking liar.
    3) Lacking integrity, i.e. the missing law firm documents turning up mysteriously on a WH basement table.
    4) Favors a too robust foreign policy, i.e. likely to keep us in Iraq for another decade or longer.
    5. Too beholden to corrupting corporate interests–NAFTA, etc.

    As a benefit to all CHB posters, may I invite others to add to the list.

    Hank the nite-watchman

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