Hidden expenses double war’s cost

A new study by congressional Democrats says “hidden costs” have driven the price of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to about $1.5 trillion, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

That figure is nearly double the $804 billion the White House has spent or requested, according to the report by the Democratic staff of Congress’s Joint Economic Committee, which examines the hidden costs of the wars, the Post said.

According to the panel, the hidden costs include higher oil prices, the expense of treating wounded veterans and interest payments on money borrowed to pay for the wars, the newspaper said.

The report was expected to be presented on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

A 21-page draft obtained by the newspaper estimates that the wars have cost the average U.S. family of four more than $20,000, the Post said.

The study concludes that the cost to the average family could more than double, to $46,300, over the next decade, with estimated economic costs to the United States reaching $3.5 trillion if the conflicts continue at their current pace, the Post said.

The Post said the report estimated that war injuries could add more than $30 billion in future disability and medical care costs, including billions in lost earnings for veterans who cannot work because of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Members of the panel’s Republican staff could not be reached for comment, the Post said.

The newspaper cited war funding experts as saying that some of the numbers in the report should be met with skepticism.

The experts said it is difficult to calculate the precise impact of the Iraq war on global oil prices. They also said it was speculative to estimate how much the war will cost over time because situations change daily on the battlefield, the Post reported.

(Reporting by JoAnne Allen; editing by Patricia Zengerle)


  1. Carl Nemo

    Let’s face it, this engineered war courtesy of the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney rogue intelligence pipeline has been a total success for Bush/Cheney and their patrons in the MIC and the “oil patch”. For the U.S. and even the world in general it’s been a total and absolute disaster.

    Terrorism has increased over 600 percent worldwide since 2001. Yep, we’re getting a real return on our tax-debt outlays…not!

    There’s good possibility that this Iraqi/Afghan debacle, along with the loan issues in the U.S. subprime housing market will have either finished or severely damaged the U.S. and even world capital markets for many years to come.

    This criminal enterprise will be the equal of the “The Black Death” that ravaged so much of Europe in the middle ages except it will have been caused by the equivalent of deadly human bacteria; ie., the PNAC, Vulcan, New World Order, AIPAC crowd all faciliated by a criminally complicit nation-destroying leadership in the U.S. Congress. The few will have destroyed the many, all for a buck along with more unfettered powers over “we the people”…!

    Here’s a link that will lay out the horrific cost of this endless, conveniently unwinnable war on terror.


    Carl Nemo **==