Blackwater may get a new contract

Blackwater Worldwide, the North Carolina mercenary company whose hired killers murdered Iraqi civilians without remorse or punishment, is in the running for another big contract from the Bush Administration.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Blackwater is one of five military contractors who have made the final cut for a $15 billion contract to wage war on the narcotics trade that the Bush Administration claims finances terrorism.

Critics of Blackwater’s killings at random in Iraq wonder how the firm made the cut for yet another lucrative contract and are pushing Congress for an investigation into the matter.

Some feel that Blackwater will continue to get business because CEO and owner Erik Prince is a major contributor to Bush and other Republicans and his wife has long ties to the GOP establishment.

Reports The Wall Street Journal:

A Defense Department contract involving antidrug training missions may test the durability of the political controversy over Blackwater Worldwide’s security work in Iraq.

The Moyock, N.C., company, which was involved in a September shooting in Baghdad that left 17 Iraqis dead, is one of five military contractors competing for as much as $15 billion over five years to help fight a narcotics trade that the government says finances terrorist groups.

Also competing for contracts from the Pentagon’s Counter Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office are military-industry giants Raytheon Co., Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp., as well as Arinc Inc., a smaller aerospace and technology contractor.

The contracts are expected to be awarded as the need arises, so the Pentagon’s level of concern about employing Blackwater will likely be measured over time and by whether the company wins leading roles or is shut out.

Companies competing for the work might be called on to develop detection or surveillance technology; train U.S. and foreign forces; or provide logistics, communications and information-technology systems, among other areas.

Blackwater faces the question of whether it is too tainted to be tapped for such work, even though the contract doesn’t involve the kind of security detail that it performs in Iraq. The Sept. 16 shooting in Baghdad strained relations between Washington and the Iraqi government, which alleged that the shooting was unnecessary.

The company, formerly known as Blackwater USA, maintains that its ability to win additional government business hasn’t been affected by scrutiny from Congress, the State Department and the Justice Department. Blackwater spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell said customers have “confidence in our ability to perform in a capable and professional manner.”


  1. Steve Horn

    Hmmm, he says. Perhaps they won’t make out quite so well when facing narcotics kingpins. In fact, they may find themselves concerned for the safety of their relatives, should they cross the wrong, um, families.

  2. Sandra Price

    Will this allow Blackwater to get into our airports, neighborhoods and schools to search for the evil demon of narcotics. Will we have then, a total SS army working against American Citizens?

    If the Congress signs up for any military mercenary army spending our tax payers money to do anything in or out of the Middle East, we are doomed. If the Congress is talked into this mess, they should be expelled in 2008.

    We know that the narcotics are coming out of Afghanistan and we cannot stop the growing of the crops or the people will die. Well, hell, we’re killing them anyway…..Meth and M.J. come from Mexico and apparently the Bush Administration has nothing to say about that.

    Anyone remember law and order? Don’t we spend millions of dollars on ATF? Why not make them ATFD? Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Drugs?

  3. yarply

    Sandra, A Drug war,, is a war,, and falls under the confines of national emergency which allows the president to use extra ordinary measures.
    So, yes!! If they are turned loose on us under the guise of “a war on drugs” you may just see them in your airports, roving through your neighborhoods looking for thoughs drug
    kingpins which are selling and making meth, crack or any of that homemade stuff, and searching kids at school. Setting up check points on the roads, looking for thoughs “Drugs” and “terrorist”. If we don’t like it then I guess people can resist and become terror suspects, in which they can then drop the sham and declare martial law.
    We all know we are heading into a dictatorship, so why are we surprised that stuff like this may happen. This will coincide very well with the “Supreme” court taking up the gun ownership case which they are supposed to rule on here pretty soon.

    But, I’m a pessimist about what is going on and hold a pretty grim view of the outlook of this country. It may be Bush and his friends are more noble than that and are planning something which
    we would think is reasonable.

  4. Stratocaster

    The last time someone named Bush advocated a war on drugs, they took over the business. The flow of drugs into this country increased. Instead of being transported by mules, it started flying into the country on military C130s. KBR was busted transporting drugs into Russia. Dyncorp was busted running a prostitution ring in Bosnia. These contractors contribute large sums of cash to both political parties. This is not bad government; this is organized crime, racketeering, and conspiracy. Having said that, I will now spend the rest of the day looking over my shoulder.

  5. Caine

    What will they be allowed to do next? Enforce crowd control?

    And this can all be done on the President’s word and no other approval? Not that Congress or the senate would go against it anyway.

    Blackwater = The American KGB

  6. DejaVuAllOver

    I’m not surprised at all. But what I find interesting is the OTHER bidders for the “contract.” That these so-called “aerospace” firms are a bunch of mouth-breathing, salivating right-wing rabid goons who are spoiling for a good slaughter in the name of White Christian Righteousness comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever been involved with these Orange Country / East Coast types.

  7. ekaton

    “Orange Country / East Coast types”

    Orange Country? Pardon my ignorance, but, what is meant by Orange Country?

    Did you mean Orange County? As in Orange County in southern California?

    — Kent Shaw

  8. Stratocaster

    Aerospace firms are military contractors in it for the money and many are populated with CIA employees. Why is it that after reading this, I keep thinking about the Kennedy Assassination?

  9. average aussie

    So Backwater World Wide is to get more new contracts? Maybe a new name as well? How about “Backwater World Wide Homicide”?
    Or maybe just “Guns For Hire”?

  10. SEAL

    People – look at the wording. The way this is being presented. “War on Drugs.” – plus – “Drugs are financing terrorists.” – equals = “War on terror.”

    Congress gave Bush the power to use any amount of military type force in his war on terror. By including drugs as part of that war, he can use any of the armed forces, which these private outfits become, once they have a contract to fight the “War on Drugs/Terror” for the USA.

    As part of the war on terror you can forget about search warrants or habeas corpus or any other rights. Away to those concentration camps we drug dealers go! Do you think they would plant drugs to round up influential dissenters?

    I was there – right in the thick of it when Bush the First was running his drug empire to finance the CIA operations in South and Central America. In those days, enough money would buy any of those puffed up Banty Rooster dictators down there or finance a revolution to overthrow those who would not cooperate. US military and CIA was used to perform assinations, destroy drug labs of the competition, capture the “enemy,” and many other things that were credited to others. We were told, and most of us believed, we were fighting evil drug lords to end the flow of drugs to America and helping to establish “democracy” in South/Central America.

    All went well until Noreiga got too big for his britches and tried to align himself with Castro for more power. When Castro was too smart to get involved with him, he threatened to close the Panama Canal. That did it! That is OUR canal! We received invasion orders in just a few days with a directive (actually, an imperitive) to bring Noreiga in alive. They were going to make an example of him and prove him as the drug lord responsible for all of “OUR” smuggling operations.

    When this thing gets under way, don’t be surprised if we begin to hear rumors that some so snd so who is a thorn in the Bush side is suspected to be a drug lord. The way it is being set up, anyone caught with a quantity of drugs can be gone to the camps as a terrorist. Assets and bank accounts frozen. No warrant, no court room, no rights, no information about them, no nothing.

    I wondered what was going on when Blackwater changed their name to “world wide.” I saw no reason for it. Now, perhaps we know. They may be used world wide to capture those evil terrorist drug lords.