Mercenaries working for another American “security contractor” in Iraq murdered a Baghdad taxi driver Saturday, adding to the death toll compiled by hired killers working for the U.S. government in that occupied country.

Witnesses said a mercenary working for DynCorp killed the taxi driver as an American diplomatic convoy rolled past traffic on an exit ramp.

“They just killed a man and drove away,” Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, told The New York Times Sunday. “We have opened an investigation, and we have contacted the company and told them about a accusations, and we are still waiting for their response.”

The blatant murder is just the latest atrocity by the out-of-control mercenaries hired by the American government to supplement U.S. troops in Iraq. The country still wants mercs working for Blackwater Worldwide, a mercenary firm with strong ties to President George W. Bush, punished and expelled from the county for the Step. 16 massacre that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead at at least 24 wounded.

Reports James Glanz of The New York Times:

Three witnesses said the taxi had posed no threat to the convoy, and one of them, an Iraqi Army sergeant who inspected the car afterward, said it contained no weapons or explosive devices.

It was the latest in what the Iraqi government has said are unprovoked shootings on the streets of Baghdad by security companies hired by the State Department or contractors affiliated with it. On Sept. 16, guards with another of those concerns, Blackwater, opened fire a few miles south of Saturday’s shooting, killing 17 Iraqi civilians and wounding at least 24, according to Iraqi investigators.

The Iraqi government has accused Blackwater of involvement in at least six questionable shootings in Baghdad since September 2006. DynCorp has not drawn the same scrutiny, though it is unclear whether it has been involved in any other episodes in which Iraqis have been killed.

The shootings have stoked outrage among Iraqis, driven efforts to hold private security companies legally accountable for their actions in both the United States and Iraq, and created new challenges for American officials who were already forced to do much of their business within Baghdad’s protected Green Zone.

The latest episode came as senior officials from the Pentagon and the State Department were due to arrive in Baghdad on Sunday to arrange new measures to tighten control over security firms and coordinate their movements more closely with the United States military.


  1. Barak – you need to take a pill and calm down. That ain’t gonna happen. If Bush/Cheney tries to declare Martial Law and take over the country, there will be a resounding SCREW YOU.

    We won’t accept it and we will do whatever it takes to stop it. We have just as many guns as they do. If they try to use Blackwater and the other merc outfits to take over they will have to fight the United States Army, Marines, Airforce, and the Navy. We are not going to allow anyone to declare themselves dictator of our nation. That is a stupid concept.

    Those idiots may have convinced themselves they have a lot of power and can pull this off but they will find out real quick what America is all about.

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