Hillary’s cough

For Hillary Rodham Clinton, one woman’s cough is another’s good omen.

For the past two days, the Democratic presidential hopeful has been losing her voice and coughing spells have interrupted her speeches as she campaigns in New Hampshire.

Speaking at Kennett High School on Thursday morning, Clinton told the audience that she has been fighting a cold but was looking on the bright side. The New York senator described a conversation she had with her husband, former President Clinton, in which she told him she had lost her voice.

“Oh, that happened to me in New Hampshire, it’s a good omen!” he told her.

“That’s my husband — he always sees the bright side of everything!” Hillary Clinton said.

In one of his most memorable New Hampshire moments, then-Gov. Bill Clinton spoke in a hoarse voice six days before the 1992 primary, telling an audience in Dover that he would be with them “until the last dog dies.” The speech marked a turning point in his stumbling campaign, and he later dubbed himself the “Comeback Kid” after finishing second in the primary to Paul Tsongas.

In North Conway, when Sen. Clinton began coughing, one concerned member of the audience shouted, “You take care of yourself!”

Clinton has been making the best of her raspy voice for days.

In Amana, Iowa, on Tuesday, she was in the middle of discussing her health care proposal with Democratic activists when she had to stop to clear her throat.

“Excuse me,” she said after a few coughs, “I need health care.” The audience laughed and cheered.


Compiled by Holly Ramer and Ron Fournier


  1. Carl Nemo

    No doubt this is a Clinton campaign trail ploy. She may have a medical issue, but if she keeps her mouth shut or at least minimally so in New Hampshire she might not expose herself for what she is; ie., a NWO shill for the globalist elite…! Of course it would take husband Billy to tell her it was a good omen; ie., she won’t put her foot in her mouth all so often.

    Personally I’m not impressed with New Hampshire and its so-called ability to steer the winner of their primary towards the presidency. In a state who’s motto is “Live Free or Die”, they evidently enjoy having the jackboots of a less than responsive Senate and Congress on their collective necks with Senator Clinton being a member of this Constitution destroying cabal of 100 …!

    Carl Nemo **==