A first! Congress overrides Bush veto!

The US Congress on Thursday overturned a veto by President George W. Bush for the first time in his presidency, giving approval to a bill on river and waterway projects.

“In overriding President Bush’s veto today, the Senate stood up for America’s waterways and water infrastructure,” said the influential Michigan Senator Carl Levin.

The Senate voted by 79 to 14 in favor of overturning Bush’s veto of the ambitious 23-billion dollar bill which the US leader believed was too costly.

The Senate vote followed a similar vote in the lower House of Representatives on Tuesday, when 361 US lawmakers voted in favor of overturning the veto to 54 against — more than the two-thirds majority required.

“This veto override sends an unmistakable message that Democrats both will continue to strengthen our environment and economy, and will refuse to allow President Bush to block America’s real priorities for partisan reasons,” said Senate Democratic majority leader Harry Reid.

“President Bush vetoed these critical priorities, just as he has repeatedly threatened to block other essential needs and repeatedly demonstrated how out of touch he is with the American people.”

The bill includes funding for hundreds of projects important to local communities.

They include projects to combat flood and coastal-storm damage as well as restore ecosystems, and help rebuild essential infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Katrina which devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005.

The “Water Resources Development Act” will notably earmark some 3.5 billion dollars to Louisiana for work along the Mississippi River, badly damaged by Katrina, and some two billion dollars to help protect the Everglades marshland in Florida.

Other funds will be diverted to vital maintenance work on the Great Lakes, including a serious dredging backlog which has hampered transportation along a key waterway.

Bush has only used his power of veto five times during his seven-year presidency, most notably to stop legislation which would have tied funding to the war in Iraq to a timetable for withdrawing the troops, and to stop a bill which would have expanded health care for poor children.


  1. Sandra Price

    I remember when Clinton was winding down his last month in office, we had a disaster on the west coast. Clinton had dammed up the major water souce to save some fish and many ranchers and farmers lost their property and businesses due to the lack of water. The day Bush took over the white house we had letters and emails pleading with him to destroy the dam so our farmers could save their crops. It turned out that the fish that Clinton was saving were bottom feeders and were not affected by the dam at all. It took Bush nearly a year to look at the problem and by then the farmers were gone and in bankruptcy. Bush was too busy trying to stop gays from marrying. Bush does not give a damn about any American citizen and only wants to control their sex habits.

    We can only wait and see what this bill produces. I was part of CHB’s Reader Rant and we got some action going with another website and hundreds of men on horseback showed up at the dam waiting for action from the new President. We had food, delivered up through Texas, Nevada all the way up to Oregon. We were a team in those days. That was before the religious right got their greedy teeth into the GOP.

    Do we have to go through this again?

  2. Sandra Price

    I can only hope this bill will help out those people in Georgia who are in a terrible state of drought. Also a little more care with the water in the Colorado River would be nice. Most of us in California and Arizona have acted very conservatively with our water and I know of no one who does not use low flow toilets and shorter sprinking time in our yards. Our water quality is another story so most of us buy bottled water.

    Bravo Congress!

  3. Steve Horn

    Obviously water management is more important than an illegal war and childrens health.

    These are the same dolts who approved the nomination of the slimeball Mucous-y (Mukasey), who supported W’s war spending, who have caved to every his every wish and have lacked the courage to impeach the son of a bitch.

    Far from patting them on the back, Congress deserves a swift kick in the ass. I’ll be happy to supply the size 13 cowboy boot, the foot and leg to provide that kick.



  4. Carl Nemo

    Steve, I second your superbly stated sentiments along with the suggested necessary action…! 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Jeffers

    Classic porkbarrel. Makes Bush look brilliant and Congress look like idiots.

    I doubt spending government money can make it rain, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some earmarked research money to study it.


    Peace without freedom is still slavery.

  6. walrus2646

    RIGHT ON, Jeffers – the rain study money will have to come from leftovers from the best of all studies… the one that spent many thousands finding out why children fell off tricycles. Wait ’til next year

  7. CheckerboardStrangler

    Congress has an energy bill in front of them in which they’ve redlined ALL solar and wind funding, so I’m not about to start patting them on the back just yet. Oh…and then there’s this war business which needs redlining.

  8. Sandra Price

    Checkerboard. I watch the Science Channel and National Geographic and it seems that most European nations are working on solar and wind energy programs and I cannot see why America is so far behind in any alternative energy. We have the ability to utlitize our many nuclear plants all over the country so why no nuclear cars? Just think of using those war billions for something to help all of us. He is not making us safer but is simply annoying Al Qaeda into more attacks.

  9. yarply

    Unfortunately from what I have heard and read this act would take control of all water ways away from the states and local principalities and place them in the control of the federal government. Where I believe in clean water (gotta have it), I cringe at the idea of the you know who’s having total control of what I need to survive. The federal government seems to screw up everything they touch
    and you can not get away from their bureaucratic red tape and corruption. Consolidation and control is all I see in this act. Hope I’m wrong….

  10. bryan mcclellan

    How about ,history repeats..to the daft.Looks like smirk is trying to outrun the cockroaches of his legacy.DemoGuts,forget it!