Remember remember the fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and plot
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot

The English know that ditty as part of the history of Guy Fawkes, leader of the Gunpowder Treason and a plot to blow up Parliament and kill King James I. Many Americans know the poem from the movie, V for Vendetta, which told the story of a futuristic England rules by a despot with strong parallels to the Presidency of George W. Bush.

And on Monday, the Fifth of November, supporters of Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, used Guy Fawkes Day to make history – donating $4.3 million to Paul’s campaign – a single-day online fundraising record for a GOP candidate.

Organized by music promoter and Paul supporter Trevor Lyman, the fundraising show of strength made a lot of people suddenly sit up and take a look at Paul, a long-shot candidate with a fanatical following among disaffected voters fed up with traditional politics and the domination of parties by cookie cutter candidates.

While Paul’s chances for capturing the GOP nomination are still a 100-to-1 shot at best the show of support by those willing to give money and the voter anger that provides the base of his support cannot be ignored.

Status-quo politics and the so-called leaders the system spawns not only anger voters but lead to a growing groundswell that signal a growing undercurrent of dissatisfaction in America. Both Bush and the Democratically-controlled Congress suffer the lowest job approval ratings in history. Public confidence in the system is failing at all levels. Americans grow increasingly pessimistic about the future of this nation and anger quickly erupts in any discussion of politics.

But while voter anger grows, politics in America is still controlled by a traditional system of big-money donors, powerful special interests and political professionals who have little regard for the will of the people or the future of the nation.

Politics is a business where the bottom line is delivering at least 50.1 percent of the election results on the First Tuesday of November. If the system must be manipulated to deliver that bottom line then so be it. Democracy ceased to exist in this country decades ago, if it ever in fact existed, and the system of government today is a far cry from the Democratic Republic envisioned by the framers of the Constitution.

The anger that pours $4.3 million into Ron Paul’s campaign coffers in a day’s time is growing and present but anger alone cannot change the course of American history. The system still favors the status quo and it is controlled by those who benefit most from it.

The story of Guy Fawkes did not have a happy ending. The Gunpowder Rebellion and Plot failed, Fawkes was captured and hung.

Tyranny prevailed in England, just as it does in America today.

Still, the English remember the Fifth of November.

And so should we.

Revolutions must start somewhere.


  1. I see more parallels, here. In the early ’70s I was a young Yank living in Britain. The British Empire had finally collapsed, leaving Brits frustrated and ultra-nationalistic. An ultra conservative woman, Margaret Thatcher, was about to become the most powerful woman in the land, with ROTTEN results. And Guy Fawkes was the Villain of the Millenium.

    Fast-forward thirty-some years, and another continent. The rampages of Conservativism and Imperialism have yet-again destroyed a once-great country, and an Establishment-Harlot-Woman-Crook is about to take power, just because people are so frustrated and desperate, they’ll try ANYTHING for change. And Guy Fawkes, once viewed as the ultimate traitor, is now a hero for stranding up to the “system.”

    I hope WE get it figured out quicker than Britain did. But I’m not holding my breath.


    When we in the Freedom Movement talk about “revolution”, we spell it thus:


    The “evol” has been reversed to mirror writing and it spells “LOVE”. Thus, when we say R3VOlUTION! we say it with love. Positive, legal and peaceful restoration of the republic is the objective.

    And you should understand that WE ARE THE MOVEMENT, NOT RON PAUL. Dr. Paul is just the current face of this movement, a rebranding if you will. We’re gaining in numbers rapidly now, so rapidly it’s hard to tell what we’re going to look like after elections. But don’t count on us to go away.

  3. A Revolutionary victory by a small group of ticked taxpayers against our local Republicrap machine:
    Lockport — A proposition to lengthen the term of office for supervisor to four from two years was soundly defeated, 1,839 to 790. Supervisor Marc R. Smith, Republican, Independent and Conservative, ran unopposed, receiving 1,950 votes.
    A large write-in campaign by a group calling itself Taxpayers for Accountable Government accounted for several hundred write-in ballots, though not enough to change the outcome of races involving unopposed candidates for supervisor and Town Board. Running unopposed for board seats were Cheryl A. Antkowiak and Paul W. Siejak;

    The incumbent was as usual, unopposed, but with a group of about 15 people, a few more volunteers, 75 signs in strategic locations and 3000 paper flyers tucked into mail box flags & paper boxes over the weekend before election; we stopped the runaway Republicraps. They had always gotten everything they wanted and their ‘behind-the-scenes’ leader, a Rove wannabe attorney was certain they were home free. Oops! Didn’t happen.
    BTW, by using the lists of registered Republicrap voters from the Board of Elections, we managed to avoid the homes of the members of the town board, supervisor & attorney, so our write-in campaign was an additional surprise which garnered our candidates several hundred votes. We didn’t win the uncontested seats, but we probably gave them a change of underwear.

  4. One more category 5 hurricane could do it.

    And a national strike would certainly bring on martial law “temporarily” but it would at least wake up the sleeping populace.

    I’m wondering if in a country like America with 200,000,000 guns in circulation what would happen if the people ever got REALLY PISSED OFF. This could have the potential to devolve into multiple militias and warlords who will protect you for a reasonable fee. Blackwater and Triple Canopy and Wackenhut (what an appropriate name) have a big head start. I’m sure there will be plenty of openings for ex-soldiers to keep the riff raff like me in line in THE AMERIKAN CENTURY. They already hire mercs from Latin America, as does the U.S. government recruit there with promises of citizenship after who knows how many tours of duty in war zones. I’m sure that when these soldiers are eventually discharged they would as Wackenhut employees dispassionately guard our cities and villages from civil unrest after all we’ve done for the folks in Latin America over the last few decades and after having been cast into the hellish obscenity of war, seeing or being forced into committing who knows what kinds of atrocities. All of this for your protection and security you understand.

    — Kent Shaw

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