Ron Paul raises $3.5 million in 20 hours

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, aided by an extraordinary outpouring of Internet support Monday, hauled in more than $3.5 million in 20 hours.

Paul, the Texas congressman with a Libertarian tilt and an out-of-Iraq pitch, entered heady fundraising territory with a surge of Web-based giving tied to the commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day.

Fawkes was a British mercenary who failed in his attempt to kill King James I on Nov. 5, 1605. He also was the model for the protagonist in the movie “V for Vendetta.” Paul backers motivated donors on the Internet with mashed-up clips of the film on the online video site YouTube as well as the Guy Fawkes Day refrain: “Remember, remember the 5th of November.”

Paul’s total deposed Mitt Romney as the single-day fundraising record holder in the Republican presidential field. When it comes to sums amassed in one day, Paul now ranks only behind Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton, who raised nearly $6.2 million on June 30, and Barack Obama.

Paul spokesman Jesse Benton said the effort began independently about two months ago at the hands of Paul’s backers. He said Paul picked up on the movement, mentioning in it speeches and interviews.

“It’s been kind of building up virally,” Benton said.

The $3.5 million, he said, represented online contributions from more than 22,000 donors.

Paul has been lagging in the polls behind Republican front-runners. But he captured national attention at the end of September when he reported raising $5.2 million in three months, putting him fourth among Republican presidential candidates in fundraising for the quarter.

Paul as of Monday had raised $6.3 million since Oct. 1, more than half his goal of $12 million by the end of the year, according to his Web site.

Paul advocates limited government and low taxes like other Republicans, but he stands alone as the only GOP presidential candidate opposed to the Iraq war. He also has opposed Bush administration security measures that he says encroach on civil liberties.


  1. Steve Horn

    What? Someone who’s not ordained by the media early in the game doing well? Could this be true? Next thing you know we’ll find out he’s got a strong sense of personal integrity and is good to his mother …

    Good for Ron – obviously the main stream Republicans aren’t worth a damn (neither, by the way, are the main stream Dem’s) – it’s nice to see someone who talks about the constitution as something to uphold rather than something to sidestep doing well –

    Hmmm … this might be an interesting election cycle after all!



  2. dbumRob

    I heard that even conservative blogs are quashing debate about Paul. Can anyone confirm that?

    On the other hand, I think it’s the right way to go. I still think that we should slam the bank doors shut on giving until these mealy mouths in DC realize that we the people are we the power and we the bank.

    No more money to anyone until the troops are home and the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan are over.

    Then we can get on to supporting the Kucinichs and Pauls of the race, and watch the lobby supported fat cats flounder and do the crappie flop.

  3. almandine

    %&@# Rob –

    you got the “b” after the “d” not after the “m”… where it’s clearly supposed to go. Starve the statesmen with your own values and ideals and “watch the lobby supported fat cats flounder and do the crappie flop?” Hmmmmm…

  4. yarply

    4.2 million plus, was the amount reported by Associated Press writer JIM KUHNHENN on the breitbart news site. That the actual dollar amount was more than 4.2 million is big news and shows Ron Paul is gaining big grass roots support, though it seems CNN,MSNBC, Foxnews, and other news agencies are somehow spinning the money as coming from terror supporters. (God,,, will these people stop at nothing)
    I would suggest that any who support Mr. Paul email their local news stations about this story and demand that they report his monetary gains which show he is a 1rst tier candidate.. The coverage will help Ron gain more support and force the “mainstream” media to cover Ron Paul. Next I would suggest you google Ron Paul and the city and state where you live so you can, if you wish, find a local area to find others who support Mr. Paul and focus any support you may wish contribute, to his campaign.
    Now is the time to get involved and even get out the old check book and contribute.

  5. Obama for Prez in 08

    I consider myself a left leaning moderate who just wants a president who is an honest politician that cares about “all” American citizens, and has the courage to tell the truth irregardless to the consequences to their personal careers. I guess that might be asking for too much, because those traits today are considered political suicide.

    But I do see something in Ron Paul that I like. I don’t agree with all of his stances, but I like that he is not afraid to stand by them even if they are unpopular. While I’m currently planning to vote for Obama, I will be keeping an eye on Paul. I’m interested in seeing exactly how fed up the conservatives really are with the status quo.

  6. remoran

    I agree with Obama (I’m a lefty also). Paul’s not “handled” nor does he waver like Hillary. He’s the best of the Repugs for sure.

    “Never stop questioning.” Einstein