Americans want change in direction

Sixty percent of all Americans strongly want the country to change direction after nearly seven years of President George W. Bush’s rule, according to a new opinion poll released late Sunday.

The survey by The Washington Post and ABC News indicated that only 24 percent of those surveyed think the nation is on the right track, and three-quarters said they want the next president to chart a different political course.

A new direction is wanted not only by Democrats, but also by three-quarters of Independents and even half of Republicans, according to the poll.

More than six in 10 called the war in Iraq not worth fighting, and nearly two-thirds gave the national economy negative marks.

Meanwhile, about seven in 10 see an economic recession as likely over the next year.

There is evidence in the new poll that the coming battle for the White House is shaping up to be another hard-fought, highly negative and closely decided contest, The Washington Post said.

At this point, Senator Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, holds the edge in hypothetical match-ups with four of the top contenders for the Republican nomination.

But her margins are far from comfortable against the two best-known Republican candidates, former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Senator John McCain, The Post said.

Not one of the leading candidates in either party has a favorable rating above 51 percent in the new poll.

Twenty-eight percent said they feel strongly favorable toward Clinton, but more than a third, 35 percent, have strongly negative views of her, the survey showed.

For the fourth consecutive month, President Bush’s approval rating remains at a career low, The Post said.

Thirty-three percent said they approve of the job he is doing, and 64 percent disapprove.


  1. Sandra Price

    If there was ever a time for a third party to step up and try to return all of us back to the Constitution and out of the hands of the second step agendas that are running for a government take-over in 2008, the party should stand up.

    Anyone on the outside looking into these current candidates can see a demand for federal powers over the people in a near assault on all our freedoms and choices.

    Sadly the voters are never quite prepared to make a judgment on who represents them because both sides of the aisle have a tainted reputation for abusing their power.

    Removing all social issues from the federal government and handing them back to the individual states would be a wonderful step to clean up our federal representatives and allow them to work on a manageable budget, keeping us out of the wars of other nations and securing our borders and therefore our security.

    The Republicans are running on prohibiting: abortions, same sex marriages and end of life choices through legislation involving a Constitutional Amendment and the Democrats are running on……help me out here, what are they running on?

  2. old_curmudgeon

    And I’m betting that 90% of all voters who say they want change will expect the other voters to vote their reps out because my representative is good amd shouldn’t be voted out of office.

  3. Janet

    Obama should jump on this like a Jack Russell Terrier.

    It’s not a third party we need. That will just screw things up for taking the country back from the Republicans. Independents tend to vote more for Dems than Reps. It’s just not realistic.

    What is needed is for Obama, Edwards, Richardson and Biden to get more aggressive about changing the system and appealing to the younger voters who are more likely to vote for change than older people.

  4. SEAL

    Obama needs to learn how to play hardball. He should tell the DNC that if they install Hillary as the Dem candidate he will run as an independent. He and they know damn well he would pull enough votes away from Hillary in the national election to prevent her from winning and insure a repugnant victory.

    If you want to win you have to WANT to win badly enough to do what it takes to win.