Mercenaries wanted: Apply to Pentagon

As reports of murder and mayhem by American mercenaries in Iraq increase, a new report says the overstretched and overburdened Army needs more mercenaries to fight George W. Bush’s war.

Yep. The Army is looking for not just a few, but a lot, of good killers.

Just apply at Pentagon, USA. And bring you own weapons.

Report: Army needs more contracting personnel – The demands of supplying soldiers in combat require an additional 1,400 military and civilian personnel with the authority to …

[USA Today Washington News]


  1. davidbhill

    I’m disappointed.

    It does not appear that whoever wrote the intro (is that you, Doug?) on Capital Hill Blue actually read the article referred to. The intro indicates the Pentagon is looking for soldiers. The article is about the need for more administrative people, more people who can sign contracts.

    I can’t see how you inferred from the article that they are looking for more “mercenaries”.

    Sounds more like marketing hype than journalism.

    David Hill