When all else fails, try compromise

Democrats took over Congress after the 2006 midterm elections confident they could bring an end to the Iraq war and make other changes.

They failed.

With public approval ratings for Congress plummeting, the Democratic leadership is now looking for ways to cut deals with Republicans to try and advance their stalled legislative agenda.

Call it compromise. Call it political reality. Call it a desire to prevail at the polls next year.

Weary, Wary Lawmakers See Compromise as Way Forward – For most of the year, congressional Democrats have been uncompromising on issues including the Iraq war and expanded health insurance for poor children, believing that public opinion favored them and that Republicans would break with President Bush. But the GOP held firm and Congress’s approval r… [Washington Post Political News]


  1. JoyfulC

    Is this an example of what they call “astroturfing”?

    The Democrats didn’t exactly take over Congress by anything like a significant margin, and so compromise is about the best they can do– especially faced with an intransigent vetoing President. Don’t like it? Give them (the Democrats) a significant margin next time.

    We had a Republican dominated Congress (by a significant margin) for a decade. We have had a hard-headed ideologically-driven Republican in the White House for seven years. The Democrats won a slight majority — very slight — in the last election, and it seems that the new strategy is to jump up and down hollaring “just as bad! just as bad!”

    This appears to be the new Republican strategy: forget about trying to serve the people — just make sure to tie up the Democrats in knots so that they can’t accomplish anything either. And then have your pointy-headed pundits run around yelling at the top of their lungs that the Democrats are no better.

    I was never anti-Republican until just recently. Having watched the games that they’ve played — at the expense of the American people — over the past ten years or so, I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t a single Republican who merits being in office. The party needs a major overhaul, but instead of getting about the business of cleaning up their act, pulling up their socks and sweeping clean with a new broom, they’re busy leveling the playing field by dragging everyone else down to their level. And they don’t care what it does to this once great nation, just as long as their buddies continue to make out like bandits in back room deals.

  2. neveringham

    I think congress should provide something along the lines of only authorizing the disbursement of enough funds to feed our troops and keep them safe where they are. Try that for a month and watch the pentagon and white house squirm, only then will they be forced to re-evaluate this unconstitutional war and take a different tone.